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  1. I have narrowed my search for a salt reel that will fit mt budget. The Orvis Access Mid Arbor Reel 9wt seems to fit. Will this solve my need? Shore and flats 99% of the time. Thanks
  2. i'm looking for my 1st salt reel. My budget allows 200 bucks. What would you buy and why. I would be nice to get extra spool also.thanks
  3. what size tread for saltwater 6/0 , 4/0 ultra thread 140 denier way to many choices what size for clouser?
  4. thanks, i'll tie a couple of each color on both size hooks. i'll add some flash to these as well. if you think of anything else please let me know.
  5. I'm new to tying and salt fishing. I'm planning a quick trip to the Panama City area and plan to fish from shore/wade (1st trip). I'm tying clousers now and getting the hang of it. FUN I have a supply of #2 and #4 mustad hooks,xsmall and small lead eyes. I plan to tie about 3 dozen for the trip. What color combos do You recommend? Which size eyes would be best on my hook sizes? Any info will help. I'm enjoying the heck out of this and havn't even caught a fish yet. Thanks in advance.
  6. I have been looking at the orvis clearwater reel. Is it worth 79 bucks for my 1st salt reel? at that price I could get two for different lines? Any thoughts?
  7. I'm new to saltwater flies. What type of thread or line do you use for cousers? What would be good for 99% of my salt flies? thanks
  8. Mainly fishing off the beach in Panama city and somewhere around st andrews bay. i plan to have a spinning rod in case i want to spend more time enjoying adult drinks than fishing. hope to have 2 flyrod, however my budget may only allow 1 for salt.
  9. I'm sure most will be from shore. I don't know what conditions to expect. 1st time fly fishing salt. Standard clouser or deciever on mustad #2 or #4 hook. They dont weight much. thanks for your help
  10. I love your snacks, all you need is some cold fried chicken and your set. I picked up a few items at bass pro this morning. gonna try my hand at saltflies. Im gonna get a rod for the salt, what #wt do you reccommend? what ever wt i get ill end up with 2 rods. I put a clouser on my #6 didnt have much luck with distance.
  11. I'm going to panama city,fl. I want to try to get a pompano from the beach with a fly. what pattern and size of hook should i use. I will also go for trout and red drum. I'm new to salt. However I have tied trout flies. thanks
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