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  1. ok guys flies are in the mail and on the way, let me know when you get them. thanks again Gary
  2. Ok guys got the last set today, I will get them sorted and back out no later than Tuesday. My next swap was to be a bluegill Hunter top water but I see there is another started already so we will have to see how that goes. This is a very good set of gill getting flies. Thanks to all of you for participating. Gary
  3. Got a set from Bryon nice set of bee's
  4. No problem guys just get them on the way that will be our last two. Just as soon as they arrive I will get them turned around and headed back. Thanks Gary
  5. Dflanagan your flies have arrived very nice thanks. Gary
  6. Two more sets have arrived kudu, and breambuster. Nice ties gents. Thanks Gary
  7. Got another set from powershooter, I have mine done as well. Gary
  8. Ok got another set from Vicrider. Very nice thanks. Keep them coming guys we will have a nice set of flies when this swap is done. The gills don't have much of a chance. And I'll be curious to see how they work with our down under friend. Gary
  9. Two more sets have made it Rick Z. And lil Dave thanks guys.
  10. Got a set today from eastern fly. Nicely done, and thanks. Guys we are going to have a set of flies I'm sure will put gills on the table can't wait to see the rest.. Gary
  11. Thanks Rick, ColonelMel received yours, nice fly im sure they will catch fish. I think the crappie may like that also. Thanks. Gary
  12. That's what we are after mine is simple also, But it fills the freezer.
  13. Received the first set today. Floyd these look great can't wait to try it. I need to learn that weave it makes a neat looking body. Very nicely done.
  14. That was fast Dave I'll bet the mail don't move that fast.
  15. Sorry Mike but stay tuned I plan on a couple more for bluegill. After this one.
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