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  1. Anyone know the hook comparison to say a TMC 200r or 2488 of an Alec Jackson Soft Hackle hook?
  2. I'd like to try the River Road Creations (http://www.riverroadcreations.com/) foam body cutters out, specifically for cutting foam hopper bodies. Wondering what is the most useful, the Chernobyl body cutter or Beavertail? Any comments are greatly appreciated.
  3. Hummm, I'll give that Wapsi another try, not sure what's up, but the cap has always been screwed on tightly. Thanks all.
  4. Perhaps it's because I live at altitude in Colorado
  5. That's funny, because I just threw away the Wapsi water base head cement because it was rock solid.
  6. I don't use very much head cement, but do like having it on my bench for occasional use. I'm tired of it drying up all the time. Any suggestions? Brands? Types? Thanks in advance.
  7. As long as I remember, I've always crimped em in the vise. Just wondering what others do? It's a bit difficult with #22 and smaller and wonder if there are better options.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I love the $3 Dip in various colors using Crinkled Zelon. I want to clarify my original post, I was referring to the Dun stage, and wondering what color body is the Epeorus?
  9. I post a lot of fly fishing photography and fly tying on instagram brianbailey1000
  10. Headin the Northeast corner of Yellowstone in 10 days. Tying like mad. A little confused about Epeorus, is this the same as a Pink Lady? I've tied some Pink Lady Comparduns via Blue Ribbon Flies and the body is a very distinct Cinnamon. The Epeorus superfine dubbing I have is much more like a pale yellow (PMD). Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Good point. Ginger is only available not Light Ginger in the 100's pack from J Stockard. Wondering if thats too dark.
  12. Clarification. I am really wondering what size's you generally get with a saddle? I recently received a 1/4 Saddle that specifically is titled size #14 and smaller. Most of the feathers seem to be towards the size #20 size. I'm just wondering about a standard Whiting Saddle (not titled #14 and smaller).
  13. What's the best way to go for size #14-#16 Yellow Sally (LIght Ginger). A cape or a saddle. I'm thinking a saddle but unsure. I can't think of another pattern at the moment I would use this color, so primarily interested in size's above. Thank you.
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