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  1. billb

    Trout Fly rods

    I voted Sage because that's what I'm currently using (Graphite II 590 DS), and I like the action. The next trout rod I buy is liable to be a TFO, because I've been very happy with their 9-wt, 9-foot Pro Series rod that I use for stripers, and the TFO price isn't prohibitive (the Sage was a gift). Bill
  2. Mine also have arrived -- nice work, everybody! majestyja: Thanks for hosting. Bill
  3. Mine went into today's mail. Bill
  4. bassturd: I'm no longer TBD. Am tying shrimp Clousers, size 6. Bill
  5. Fellow flatwing swappers: My set of flies arrived today. Great work, gang! I'm particularly impressed by bassturd's beatifully colored fly and Moushka's Rhody. Bill
  6. I'm in -- this will get me to sit down and tie the elk-hairs I need for June fishing. Bill
  7. Ray: I give away more striper flies than I use, and I'm low on Clousers with the season about to start. Just got a tip on a hot shrimp imitation tied Clouser-style, so that has upped my production backlog! Bill
  8. Ray: Nice fly, and great step-by-step photos and instructions. A good photo sequence sometimes is just what a reader (me) needs to get intrigued by a pattern and tying it. After I get through the six dozen Clousers I've promised myself, I'll give the Fishfinder a shot. Bill
  9. Packages from sukhoidave and theweekendfisher were waiting for me when I got home yesterday. I've divided up the flies, and everybody's set went into today's mail. I split up the extras, mostly among those folks who sent a full dozen. Thanks to tdeyette and RDL for the goodies for the Swapmeister! Everybody: Please confirm receipt of your packages. Bill
  10. Jim: Take care of family first, and get the flies out when you can. Bill
  11. Great thread! My best advice, added to what's already here, is to practice a lot. I don't spin deer hair bodies all that often, but find that it takes me some time to get back into the swing of it after not having done it for a few years. Bill
  12. RDL's flies arrived today. Addie will finish hers in the next couple days, and I'm watching for packages from sukhoidave and the weekend fisher. I'm headed out of town tomorrow morning with the family until Tuesday afternoon, so I won't be able to check the mail in the meantime. If everybody's flies have arrived by then, I'll turn them right around for you. Bill
  13. bassturd: My flies went out on Monday -- hope they've reached you by now. Bill
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