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  1. Ugly's Salmon Bugger Hook: Mustad 3191 - Size 6 to 2/0 (this hook was designed for catfish with an offset bend) forward weighted. Tail: Red Marabou. Body: Salmon Egg Yarn tied as a series of eggs and trimmed to shape. Hackle: Purple Neck, palmered. Head: Red Veevus 8/0 Tying Step 1. Place hook in vise. Wrap thread around hook from just behind eye to 3/4 back towards hook shank. This will provide you with a nice bed of thread on which to wind your lead wire. 2. Wrap wire around the front third of the hook. Make sure it is tight and wraps are together. Wrap thread over front, top, and end of lead to secure it to the hook. 3. Tie in a clump of marabou feathers on that back 1/4 of the hook that doesn't have lead wrapped around it. Next, you will tie in hackle feather. 4. Proceed to tie ln egg patterns tightly abutted against each other. Trim and shape eggs so you have a body that is of uniform width throughout. Wind hackle forward in even wraps and tie off behind hook eye. Trim excess. 5. Form the head of the fly by wrapping thread around and behind hook eye. 6. Whip finish and cement
  2. I use them in red and all sizes. They work well as an attractor in the larger sizes.
  3. I bag only if I pull the wrong size from the cape and use them as soon as possible.
  4. If bigger is better, then it would only stand to reason, fatter is finer!!!
  5. Thank you, I've bought your hooks before.
  6. I agree completely, I have yet to experience any issues with their hooks.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GRAY-ABS-PLASTIC-SHEET-060-THICK-6-X-6-/330667183168?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4cfd4ccc40 I used velcro to attach this medium gray sheet to my cantilever lamp post. $1.18 and $2.07 shipping with fast delivery time.
  8. 9' 10wt when fishig the St. Mary's in Sault Ste. Marie.
  9. Ebay what you consider surplus.
  10. Green Caddis Outfitters and hooks have proven to be a good source. http://greencaddis.c...ying-hooks.html
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