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  1. I would not consider buying as the sides look rather thick making the box larger than other boxes that would carry the same number of flies. Also not sure I would trust the durability of the foam used inside. Well, you have to consider design. It was made out of single block of wood under the bark, whose thickens varies. I was looking for to use best worm paths, and didn't pay much attention on overall thickness of the box. When i saw that it would be to thick, i tried to make as slander as possible. After all, you don't buy this kind of thing for everyday usage, but only when you are out fishing . What's excuse for those small boxes that can fit a bug or two. Actually you can fit quite a number of flies in here Yes, that foam is a bathroom anti slip thing that is put in front of bath tub or cabin. It is very durable. But is kinda silly to use it this way. Any way unlike standard foam which you can't find so easy this can be bought for zero money and replaced. BUT it wouldn't have to be replaced so often. Maybe once in few years depending on how often you go fishing. Also i said in my advert that i would look for proper foam if buyer wants it. Any way in boxes sold here, they put some spongy thing in there which i had at home and it only pulls out when you take your hook. You see, after some number of pulls you would be left with no medium to hook flies. I though, what the heck, if this is selling, why this would not. I was mistaken. As i said before, i use the box now, and i must say thet this bathroom material plays the part rather well. I to doesn't rip.
  2. Thanks. Glad you like it. Prices here are very high in my opinion. Mass produced boxes with magnet locking, and some bad material inside for holding flies cost anywhere from 20€ to 50€!!! Custom made, and by hand should then cost at least twice as much, right? WRONG! There is no price list since there are no hand made ones, here. So it would be good of a business, right? Wrong again. custom and hand made things are not on price these days. There was some interest about my box, but even when i dropped price on 10€ no one would want to buy it. I really don't see why is this. So i decided to keep it for my self, and i am much more pleased with it than with my pllastic one which was about 3€. Really after all that work, since i made it completely by hand, i couldn't sell it that cheap. I think no one would in my place. On the other hand it doesn't have that nice finish on flat surfaces. I guess retro look is not popular these days. I consider buying some power tool make this better. I need them for my needs anyway, so i'll try and see what happens. my hypothetical question for you guys is: Would you pay 30 (€$) for something like this?
  3. Thanks for commenting. Really i didn't think about slipping in wet hands. Also since i didn't manage to sell, i decided that i should keep and use my first one. Went fishing couple of times, didn't notice that it get slippery when held with wet hands. I will take better attention to that and i'll report back. Also din't know shellac is not resistant to water.. i know it disolves in alcohol not in water. Any way there is about six or seven coats of it. I will see in time what happens. Poly can also crack if box left on hot sun or rock, and it also cracks if dropped on rock..so... I agree though that one or two coats of clear poly would give it even better protection. The main thing is, suppose you drop it on a rock, and both shellac and poly crack you can repair only poly coat, whilst shellac would have to stay cracked and it would be ugly. If you want to repair shellac under poly you would have to sand everything and possibly damage those fine worm made carvings. On the other side if you leave it only with, say ten layers of shellac the repair gets mush easier since only one coat would blend and it would look nice again. Yes i already learned that clasp is much better than magnet, and i am really glad i didn't find any magnets ))))) "enter bug" ?!
  4. RIGHT! This is the main idea for my initial bulid. No two hand made are the same. They are all uniqe. Also i will steal your Heraclitus quote!
  5. Well i have some natural boiled flax seed oil for wood protection. Maybe that'll do! I will try it asap. thanx for reminder.
  6. Oh. Ok, didn't really thought about it. Good to know - as varnishless as possible. Thank you.
  7. Ok, here's my first try ever! i plan to produce these on demand as handmade, if there is anyone fond of these kind of flyboxes, of course. Also i plan on building ore copmlex, more advanced hand made flyboxes, as in series production. Unfortunatly this is not going to be easy in my country, so there will be soe time until i acomplish what is now just an idea, but still i need opinion on my first try. This was made entirely with primitive tools, of which some were made by me, like some small chisels made of screwdrivers, since for enterior there aren't any special chisels to buy here. materials list: ash - for wood simple enclouser system, since i couldn't anything magnetic in my little town resin - good old all naturelle shellac lacca, disolvable in 96%ethyl alcohol, elements proof, deratologically neutral in ruby red collour ash lumber is of consistant properties all through, so the under bark portion where wood worms are only able to eat ash(since it is extremly hard wood) gave these nice worm carvings inner material - simple bathroom non-slip spongie thing - unfortunatly i wasnt able to find foam material ina retail, i could only order like 10k pieces pre cut, which was not an opnion for my budget of 0 whatever for such large order Anyway, any proposition, sugestion good or bad is more than welcome. Thank you in advance. Some pricing advice will also be apriciated, you know: How much would any of you be prepared to pay. Nevermind that you are not from my country, i just want to know Here are some pics:
  8. Gecko

    Cul de Cock

    Sorry for my late response everyone and thanks for all the answers. Yes i know what CDC feathers are. I live on country so i will soon acquire ducks too. Most feathers i have are cdc-like or marabou-like, like the smaller one on picture that SilverCreek posted. I agree with Piker20 about hens. I will experiment and try to make the best use of everything i find. I've already seen for myself that anything can be used for FT. In another post there will be some of my first flies that i have tied, so i hope you'll comment on them and tell me what you all think.
  9. Hello. New here, and to fly tying, so i have many Qs. Well, I had this plain domestic chicken cock of beautiful colours, and I killed him and skinned him. I want to preserve as much as I can. On the but section there are feathers similar to CDC feathers. I know they do not float the same as CDC, and that they get soaked really fast, but has anyone used them at least as dubbing for wets, or something like that. Are they good for anything at all, or am I just wasting time and hopes, or will just have to find out by myself through experimenting? Write about feathers from other regions of domestic chickens too - what do YOU use them for. Thanks in advance. Gecko.
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