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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I was pleased with J. Stockard (got most of what I wanted for Neme's soft hackles plus I googled some patterns specific for Slate Run in April). I couldn't find grouse body feathers at J. Stockard's but found them at Feather-Craft, etc. I am willing to spread my wealth (such as it is) around! I'm tying "Olive and Partridge" flies tonight in size 10 as a way to ease back into tying on my way (eventually) down to #18's, lol. Best, Steve
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'll check out your suggestions.
  3. Try the Stewart Black Spider. Darkest brown silk,waxed, and Starling hackle. Start your thread and work about 1/3 the length of the overall body toward the bend. (On this size 16 it was 6 turns). Then select a starling feather of appropriate size. I like it to have a good greenish shine to the black. Tie in by the tip. Continue the thread toward the bend to create the body, and return to the point you tied in the hackle. Then, working carefully because the stem of a starling hackle is very delicate, twist the feather around the thread. Wind the hackle and thread together toward the eye. As you wind drag the feather fibers back toward the bend. Secure the feather with one or two wraps of thread, trim out the excess.. A whip finish and you're done. That might just crack the hatch. Cheers, C. Thanks for the post. I'll definitely try this one. I also found this pattern for a flymph that I'd like to try - maybe I'll weight the flymph just a bit but try the soft-hackle closer to the surface: http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern4405.html Best, Steve
  4. Thanks - great link! I also found this one: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?act=flysearch&gettyer=Soft-hackle Best, Steve
  5. Looking to tie some soft hackles for Eastern streams and some of the patterns that I have call for "Sealex 105, 110, and 117." I was able to find a website that sells these and am pretty sure that 105 is grey, 110 is brown, and 117 is red. Anyone have any experience with these and would you advise/not advise a natural alternative? The patterns are from one of Nemes books with an appendix that features patterns for Eastern streams. The patterns are: Dun Variant (Sealex #105) Hendrickson (Sealex #110 mixed with #117) I'm pretty sure that any fur or mixture within the color spectrum (2/3 brown and 1/3 red for Hendrickson, e.g.) for these patterns will be satisfactory; I am just wondering about the appeal of Sealex and whether to bother getting some... Best, Steve
  6. Thanks very much. Great link and great flies. I've got Nemes' and Hughes' books, and just downloaded Nemes' DVD on how to tie soft-hackles, so between those resources and the one that you've suggested I should be in good shape. Best, Steve
  7. Joe, Thanks. Slate Run is a nice store, indeed. Just checked out your site - good luck on your venture. When I was up in Canada when I was a kid the pike fishing was awesome. I just made an English bitter (Foster's ESB clone); I'm planning a porter and maybe a stout for Christmas... Best, Steve
  8. Mike, I would have "liked" your last post, but as a new member I have reached my quota of "likes" without having posted any, lol. Joe, I still have family in Warrensville (just outside of Williamsport) and plan to go up to Slate Run in a couple of weeks. I've been to the store in Slate Run and the staff there was extremely helpful. One gentleman there even put backing and line on a new reel for me without my asking; it was done before I knew it. Thanks for the other suggestions. I'll be back in PA in June and August and don't need much prompting to explore fly fishing stores. I think I will go with J. Stockard for the short run, though; I'd like to order some supplies and tie some soft hackles before 4/19. Best, Steve
  9. I guess I could have just looked at the top of the screen at "J. Stockard," lol... I'll do some searches on the forum, nonetheless. Sorry for the newbie question but when I was tying flies, I was still ordering supplies out of a paper catalog writing codes and numbers with a ball point pen. E. Hille's was considered one of the best sources back then - and it was located in my dad's home town. Best, Steve
  10. After a long hiatus from fly tying (20+ years) I thought I'd get back into it by tying some of Sylvester Neme's soft hackle patterns for a trip to PA's Slate Run Creek. I still have my old equipment but unfortunately, Hille's store in Williamsport has not yet recovered from a fire a couple of years ago and I don't know where to order Pearsal's silk, partridge skins, etc. Can anyone give me some recommendations for a good fly tying materials store? Best, Steve
  11. Any suggestions for a soft-hackle imitation of a little black stonefly?
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