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  1. thinkin about gettin that "bass: the movie" dvd. has anyone seen this? is the whole thing about fly fishing or just part of it?
  2. yeah i saw javicruzito's fly on another website and i loved the colors so i basicly copied it, haha. hope you dont mind javicruzito! i cant wait for ice out so i can get this on some vegetation
  3. i yjink i might go with a two or a three. i just figure a 2 ips line would only take 60 seconds to get to ten feet... i dont know ill figure it out im going to look at some now.
  4. what do you guys mean by intermediate? the reason i wanted the slow sinking stuff is cause i want to be able to get that slow fall with worm flies and baitfish flies? but what would you guys suggest a faster sinking line or a slower sinking line?
  5. largemouths yes but not just crayfish patterns. i will try what you have explained. its probably going to take some getting used to it doesnt take a very big largemouth to snap 10 pound test, so ill probably be snapping line left and right when i first start with it...
  6. i usually just guess on my leader length what length should i be using...i dont even know if i use an actaul leader i have just been attaching 10 pound test mono to my fly line. is this wrong to do...what are your thoughts
  7. i bass fish in still water and not usually over ten feet of water. i just bought a new reel and i want to put sinking line on it cause my other one has floating line on it. but i have never used sinking line and i know nothing about it. so i need your input. i am kinda thinking about getting aline that sinks 2 inches per second. cause most of my hits are when the fly has stopped and is sinking verry slowly...but i also like to fish craw patterns on the bottom... what do you think
  8. may i ask what material you used for the body?
  9. i actually googled this fly and it came up with another website that has your pictures and i just went off those. haha!
  10. the fly has an inverted hook wich helps it get through some thick vegetation.
  11. im in!. clouser style of my "wing n fly" fly. hook: #1 90* mustad
  12. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: dahlberg skipper fly
  13. yeah i wanted to use poly yarn but i didnt have the right colors. we will see what happens
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: swimming frog
  15. no for the picture i just wet my fingers and ran them against the fly and it held that shape. should i use something to hold the taper? i just figured it would make that shape as it was pulled through the water
  16. will do bruce. found this stuff at bass pro today made by white river. its pretty fun to work with
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by sniksoh: Wing N Flash Fly
  18. tried tying one the other day on a jig hook but as i built the head up the threads kept slipping around the 90 towards the hook eye...any help on getting the head to build up right?
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