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  1. Nice eel pattern. I might have to try something like that for cobia.
  2. That'll test your ticker. A lot of hungry mouths in those waters. And with the dingy water clarity, you never know what is lurking a foot below the surface. I had a blacktip shoot out from under my boat a couple of years ago to take a swipe at my bunny fly. Didn't see it until I lifted the fly out of the water. Other than the everglades, perhaps, I can't imagine a sharkier place.
  3. Peter, I like your mummichog fly. Have you seen any reds in your area yet? I did some exploring out of Wise Pt Boat Ramp a week ago and although the fishing didn't pan out i accidentally stumbled onto a real nice flood tide spartina grass flat. It was loaded with life but the only fish i could positively ID were juvenile sharks. I've got some learning to do on poling and casting on those flats. I pretty much spooked everything I encountered. Lots of "V" wakes so some could have been reds. Anyway, hope the fishing picks up soon. The spring rains put a real hurting on my local fishing spots. We got blue cats everywhere but SW fish have been hard to find.
  4. PJ, thought I would pop in today and say Hey. Hope you get out this summer for some of the big herring or cobes. I haven't had much time to fish lately so I am getting pretty cranky these days. I'd like to get down to the ES this summer, didn't make it down last year. Maybe the reds will show this year, although with the cold winter I'm skeptical. I only caught one up my way last year. But some terrific schoolie striper action this past fall on flies in the river salvaged 2017. Otherwise not much to report, yet.. BTW, Dave posted something back in June 2017 if you scroll down a ways. John
  5. Nice! "Lit Up" comes to mind
  6. I miss those Albies too. Last ones I caught were pre smart phone days. Still would like to stroll the beach at false cape some time but finding them that way is always a long shot. Wish this weather would shape up. Need to get out for some fishing before I get too cranky.
  7. Once I hit about age 43 or so (54 now) I see birds every time I look at the sky. Funny as you age you can't see what's right in front of you but all kinds of crap that isn't there. I got so many floaters it's like an albacore blitz but that isn't such a bad thing. Beautiful pic PJ.
  8. I definitely agree that you are smack dab in one of the last great places. Its a darn good thing that there aren't any fish there too, the water tastes bad, the accommodations stink, and there's too many bugs. Nevertheless, I'll keep checking it out each summer just to see if things change. Great pics btw
  9. Here are a few pics from my last three DIY trips. My personal best redfish from the marshes of Louisiana on a frosty February morning. My first taste of fishing for pollack along the Maine coast. Although i didn't catch any over 14 inches i thought they were really cool looking and fun to catch (thanks to PJ for that recommendation). Too bad that fishery has been devastated over the years. Last, my first baby tarpon from the middle keys. I found out they were only slightly easier to hook and land than the adults. Maybe this summer I'll get a big one to the boat....
  10. I like your barra fly. Looks like a good one for dirty water tarpon in my neck of the woods.
  11. Islander, I think as long as I don't touch the new family puppy I should be OK. My kids cant even remember what they had for breakfast, so I doubt they'll even notice. agn54, thanks. I should be able to get a few flies off each troll.
  12. I haven't been tying too much lately but couldn't resist trying to come up with something useful from these trolls in my Lucky Charms cereal. Although I can't lay claim to being the first person to use these as I seem to recall a post from another website. Anyway, here are a couple of shad flies for next weekend and a little black tarpon fly for the summer. Not the highest quality materials but who knows.
  13. Peter, that'll make a nice addition to the website. BTW, checked it out and your website is looking good.
  14. Hard to beat good local intel for sure PJ. Certainly better than the alternative of donating blood to the marsh inhabitants year after year with little to show for it. Although I have noticed that the bugs don't find me quite as interesting as they once did. I think my wife and kids would agree with them.
  15. PJ, Gee, decided to take a lurk this afternoon and it feels like a stroll down memory lane. Maybe its time to strike up the tarpon tournament again--that would wake up the rest of the gang. Anyway, I have high hopes the slot reds will be back this year. The Potomac had a good many juveniles up to 15 inches last summer/fall. I even caught one within a boat ride of my local freshwater ramp. Kinda cool. With the mild winter maybe we'll see a resurgence like 2012/2013. Cheers. John
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