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  1. I have lurked here for a while now and finally got the gumption to post a pic of something I have tied. A buddy who boxes asked me to tie him something that "will knock fish out." I come up with a boxing glove.
  2. I was looking at their dhp today and first those things are packed tight. VERY TIGHT! Second they seem to be coated with something rubbery. My question is two fold. Are they packed really tight because of the coating and what is the coating????
  3. I am new to tying deer hair poppers and was wondering what every one prefers. I have some hair that is really thick and some that is very fine. Which packs tighter? Which floats better? I also need to ask when I see poppers at local shop the whole thing has a rubber feel to it, are they soaking it in flexament? If it helps tying on 4/0 streamer hooks, hair is about 1 to 1 1/2" long. I wash hair with shampoo then run a good amount of conditioner in it then rinse and dry.
  4. I really didn't mean to start a debate on measurements but will throw this out there. Traveling the world working on jets, you might use imperial, metric or even one most have never heard of British Standard but everyone uses 1/4, 3/8 or 1/2 drive in my dealings which I find ironic.
  5. Thank you for the replies. I have a cheap kitchen scale that has a gram side but when I tried weighing out about 2 inches before the post it read zero. So much for using that scale for exact measurements. LOL. It's the little things in life like just how much does this chunk of lead wire weigh that makes me go nuts.
  6. Been tying now for a while and never gave it much thought but tonight I was wondering just how much does say .035 wire weigh? Say you put 2 inches around a hook how much does it weigh? I the number size for diameter? Per inch?
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