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  1. So, i took it out today and I've decided to trim the head and fix the tail. Where are you guys thinking the sloped head should stop? I'm picturing right behind that first wide black stripe. Opinions?
  2. Oh its big but I didn't think it was that big. lol. Here is a picture next to a penny for reference. Is it too big? The hook is an Allen saltwater 2/0. I'm after redfish and specs. I'm hoping I still get to go tomorrow, I realized today that my wife has the truck out of town and the prius doesn't have a hitch. If I can't find a buddy, I might have to launch the boat with the mower! We shall see. I'll keep you posted. I tied a few of these with some lead eyes as well to get them down a little in the water.
  3. Gonna give this a go this Friday. Still learning, but I like this fly a lot. I don't know why, but spinning hair is SO MUCH FUN! Opinions?
  4. Me too! funny how we both chose the same hair color: My collar is a little weak. There are some lead eyes hiding in there to get it down. Tidewaterfly, you are right about those birds being brutal. One spurred my sister while my dad and I were building their coop. I threw my hammer at it, and it didn't go so well for the rooster. She still has a scar on her shin from his spur.
  5. Thanks for the help. I've placed an order for a couple of options and I'm sure I'll get what I'm looking for. Are those your birds tidewater? we've never been able to keep more than one rooster because of the quarrels.
  6. Well now I know! Funny how obvious it seems now that it has been pointed out to me. Thanks!
  7. As stated in the title, I'm trying to locate where I can get this feather. I think that maybe this is it: http://www.cascadecrest.com/82-Hackle-Patch-Grizzly-p/275.htm But maybe the one from cascade crest is a little narrow? I love the width, length, and the fine, wispy edges on this feather. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! ~HPD
  8. Thats a fair assesment. It's the first fish I've caught on a fly that I tied myself, so even though she's small in stature, she will live large in my memory (and hopefully in the river since I released her). You didn't mention that in your first post. First on your own fly ... is a great feeling. Enjoy it. But for me, every fish on one of my own flies feels just as good. Yes indeed. I was beside myself. The best part was how it destroyed that spoon. No half hearted take, it hit with boundless energy and furious anger!
  9. Thats a fair assesment. It's the first fish I've caught on a fly that I tied myself, so even though she's small in stature, she will live large in my memory (and hopefully in the river since I released her).
  10. Caught myself a small redfish on that spoon today. Finally got to go out for an hour or two before conditions got too bad. Obligatory fly-rod-in-the-mouth pic:
  11. Thanks! Its super easy to tie up so I can always make more. If a couple of fish tear it up, I'll be ecstatic! It does have a coat of epoxy and Hard as Nails so hopefully it will last through a handful of fish.
  12. Here is a picture of the fly in the video while still in the vise, and right after I pulled it out of the water. Here are pictures of a different fly with the added options mentioned earlier. I will wet test this new one tonight. I am extremely new to this, but I fully expect this fly to produce for me.
  13. I should have taken a picture before I got it wet, but here is a video of the spoon I have been working on. It is comprised of wrapping paper, chain eyes, marabou, and gold flash. Im very happy with the way this turned out and it is very easy to tie compared to some of the others that I've tried (mylar braid, epoxy). I think I nailed it and I am about to make up several for my buddies I've got a few ideas to add, top to the list is a couple of red deer hairs on each side to mimic a bleeding fish, and a weed guard. http://youtu.be/ORhZBrxQJVQ
  14. Don't get discouraged - if they're feeding and you can get a fly near them, they'll hit something. You've just gotta figure out what it is. I had a lot of frustration last year, (my first with reds) but I eventually got the hang of it. There are some great coaches here. Not too discouraged, I was going to call into work to give it another go tomorrow but the wind is supposed to pick up so I didn't (yet). I know that my sight fishing window is closing though. Right now the water is crystal clear and you can really see the fish easily. In a month or two, you will be throwing at wake instead of scales.
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