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  1. Just got back. Great trip. Water was high but they held back on the damn release one morning. Thanks again for suggestions.
  2. Thanks all and yes the rivers went down very fast in NC but more rain on its way and for sure will call ahead.
  3. Thanks all great suggestions. Not going for 2 weeks and given the deluge thought I do end the time tying a bunch up.
  4. Would appreciate any suggestions for fishing the Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers at this time of year. And if so inclined any suggestions for where to wade.
  5. Think the pun may have been missed!
  6. Well this thread took a quick turn.
  7. Thanks all. Tonight's flies were much improved.
  8. Been trying to tie gold ribbed hares ear nymph (size 16 & 18) without a bead head and am getting into problems with too much bunching at the hook eye. All suggestions to prevent this would be welcomed.
  9. Any suggestions on hook size(s) for a Largemouth Bass Wolly Bugger? Last year was fishing 4 or 8 but thinking toosmall for the larger bass. As always, thanks.
  10. I tied a bunch of Clousers and related flies over the winter and after a few hours of casting them in a lake all the color is coming off. I was hoping for some suggestions as to brands or types of eyes that would work better and not render the fly abut useless after one day.
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