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  1. Well it's cool and all to have a pretty fly that looks professional, but I'm to cheap to invest heavily into the resources. My main goal is just to catch fish with the flies I tie. Thanks lykos for the info though. I'll be sure to check out their pages and I'll probably keep on posting more pics along the way. I'm going to have to buy a couple dozen fly boxes though, I've already filled up my extras. I'm really enjoying this activity so far. I cannot wait for summer to test out the flies.
  2. Thanks. I've been working on them a lot as well as just making some random flies. I know the heads on several of them that I have made are much too large, but each time I've been able to get them smaller, more even, or just looking cleaner. As far as buying a deceiver to compare to, they're not really sold up here, and the ones that are are cheaply built and even I think mine look better. That's part of why I started tying, was due to the fact that almost all the flies sold up here are for the species that swim up here, and since I'll be traveling I haven't been able to buy flies for the species I'll be targeting on my trips.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate it. Any advice on where I could improve on? That's pretty awesome. How'd it turn out? I've been using a few materials I've gathered from hunting as well.
  4. I was trying to resemble it mostly because I didn't have the required materials and couldn't afford to buy them yet, so I thought I'd at least give it a try with what I have. It's really the only way I can practice right now.
  5. I've watched quite a few videos. The first fly is something I just pulled together with random material I had. The second two were supposed to resemble Deceivers.
  6. Hi all, I haven't been on this site for long (only a few minutes to be exact), yet I'd like any feedback and advice any of you experienced tiers can give me. I've only tied about a dozen or so flies in my life, all of which have been in the last week. So far I'm really enjoying it, but I'd like some constructive criticism on how I can improve. If my pictures attach, here's a few of my better flies that I've tied, at least what I think are my better ones. Thanks a lot.
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