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  1. Oh! Jakonyx..... East Central? As in Southern Ms? East Central Hornets? I live in Big Point now. Just about 5 mi from East Central. Just moved from my last home in Escatawpa off the East Pascagoula river. Good fishing there.
  2. Lol!! Thanks to all for the welcome!! A little has changed since then. The blog is still up, just not up to date. I find it much easier to get critique and post Fly pics on Instagram. I guess I should start posting here. If you want to see my work, look for tangledfly on Instagram. I will start uploading patterns here very soon.
  3. That's very true!! Thanks for the welcome. I definitely get those looks on the water, & never see another fly chucker! However, they do sometimes look in admiration...... Or maybe they are just thinking I am crazy! Oh, well, the way I see it.... They are the ones missing out. On the other hand some times people will ask a lot of good questions and most of them really like my hand-tied flies. I always say to them " I can make some for you" & " you should try it! It isn't that hard to get started, not too expensive either. ...... At least until you get hooked!" Lol. I just spent some $ on a quality reel for my Ross FS 8wt. rod. In stead of the Okuma SLV,(which is a pretty good reel) I am patiently waiting to try my new Lanson Velosity 3. I love it already.
  4. Thank you, MIKE*A! Just wondering...... Are there any other Mississippi members on here? ........ Particularly South MS? Need someone to possibly fish and share fly patterns with. I'm the only local to my area that fly fishes and ties. I'm from the Escatawpa area.... Now claimed as Moss Point! Just checking
  5. Hello, Fenster I'm new here too. From south Ms myself. Been fly fishing since I was a kid, but serious only about 2yrs. Been tying since I started back 2 yrs ago. If you are not addicted yet, you will be soon! I absolutely love it! You will soon find yourself(if not already) looking at the world around you totally different. Man, everything you see Will be a potential new flytying material! It's all good though, you are in good company now. Every fly tier I know it's a little on the crazy side. It's natural....it's one of the side affects! Hope to see some of your creations soon. Just remember, that which looks ugly to us, May indeed resemble a juicy steak to a fish! J.Marc Evans. (Tangled fly)
  6. Hello, I have been lurking around here for some time and finally decided to register. So.....I wanted to share a few things about myself. My name is Marc Evans. I live in South Mississippi, and only recently(bout 2 yrs) started fly fishing again. I fly fished as a boy with my father for bluegill, and bass. Since starting back I also took up tying my own flies. Since I am the only one of my friends that uses the long rod, I have no mentors or fly fishing partners to critique my style. Through GooGle, and books, I taught myself to tie flies. (Hence the reason I have been lurking) This forum has taught me allot and I figured it was time I give back to the community that has helped me become an almost, most assuredly, half decent fly fisherman. Because, fly fishing is an awesome sport, and fly tying has created another monster that shops at salon supply stores, Christmas sales, and occasionally, Fathoms the thought of the flies I could tie with my wife's lap dog.....ok, I wouldn't dare. Besides, it's the wrong shade of grayish yellow. In-other-words, I'm addicted! Not sure if it was my love of arts and all things handmade, or the first fishing trip saved by one of my ugliest first ever flies that got me.....but I now have a corner, desk, cabinet(materials) and even a website for my new found hobby. The main reason I started the website is not having any fishing friends to share my new ooohs and ahhhs with. Like everyone else, I need criticism and atta boys to keep me encouraged. Well, enough of that....I am glad I joined this community, and I hope you all are as excited as I am to have me! Thanks for all the support you didn't know you were giving me! ;-) Oh yeah, almost forgot....if you get the chance, stop by my blog, it's still developing, so don't be disappointed....it will get better, I promise! www.thetangledfly.wordpress.com
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