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  1. Very nice, Ray. The Mustad 7970 was a good hook choice for it.
  2. The full name of the book is "Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon" by Dick Stewart and Bob Leeman. It's a bit misleading on the name as the streamers are not solely trolling streamers. They are, however, basically New England-ME/NH/MA/VT patterns so it is rather a specialized regional book. Periodically you will see it come up on eBay and it usually ends up going for around $60 but I've seen it go for down to $35 depending upon how many are bidding on it. I've seen first editions for $200 but that is WAY too overpriced, save your money.
  3. Ray, Now that you have the standard and essential streamer reference, I'd keep an eye out for the Stewart/Leeman book if you're into classic New England streamers. It's a color picture pattern guide and top notch. Not the easiest to come by and can be pricey but it's doable.
  4. Yanosh is another name for Bali duck if I'm not mistaken.
  5. PB- Most usually a #6 Mustad #3665A for LL's but I fish a #8 fairly frequently for BKT as well. It's been very, very good to me in both the spring and fall. Probably a little more so in the fall for LL's and better in the spring for BKT. And I've caught a brown or two on it in CT in the fall.
  6. Very nice tie of my favorite CS streamer. It also happens to be one of the best streamers I fish in Maine. If any of you fish these guys, this is one to tie and add to the box.
  7. I tend to tie more on the #4 Heritage Allcock hook but the #1 Gaelic Supreme is a very close second for me. The Heritage is 10xl so the #4 is about the size of the #1 Gaelic. The Partridge hooks are nice but my personal taste is the wire is a bit too stout for my liking.
  8. Very nice, Dave. They look good on those Ken Baker(?) hooks. Not sure what time of year you tried them but I'll bet they'd be good in the Fall for LL's.
  9. I don't know about using it as a way to get around FFO regs, but the older metal tinsels did have more weight to them and do help sink a fly more than mylar. Especially if it was double-wrapped. I was in Warren Duncan's fly shop in NB once and he had an old bulk spool of metal tinsel he showed me. Let me tell you, when I held that sucker in my hand, all I could think of was how it would really put a hurting on someone if you caught it upside the old bean! :bugeyes: It was HEAVY!
  10. Plumbob, I just have to say that Demon is one of the nicest flies I've seen in a long time and is absolutely Grade A! The Dr. White is nice as well but the Demon is just perfect, you did a hell of a job on that one!
  11. Reed, check over on FFIM, I sent a response to this over there. -D
  12. Well, the reason that I use the Mustad 3399 is very simple, there is no other Japanese hook marketed that has the same lines or finish as the Mustad 3399. It's not because I'm an old-timer stuck in the mud and Mustad's have been around so long. And even though the old Mustad models were inconsistent in manufacturing quality, they were still fishable and had better styling although sadly most of the best streamer hook models are now extinct. The newer Mustads are now actually quite good and are starting to rival the Japanese in consistency and sharpness. I still do not like the new stuff because it looks far too "modern" and shiny for my tastes and I don't necessarily believe that to be an improvement for either fishing or display purposes. To each his own just like building foam flies or Gummy Minnows which makes me shudder. If it makes that person happy, go to it but I'll pass. Just my .02 worth.
  13. I'll find out myself soon enough as I just ordered Ray Ovington's book "How to take trout on wet flies and nymphs" but does anyone have it or is familiar with it? Am curious as to it's contents, thanks!
  14. Let's swap out the Blue Dun or White Miller and put the McGinty in there instead, shall we? Also, there's the Butcher, Greenwells Glory, Wickhams Fancy, and Campbells Fancy as some runners up.
  15. In no particular order and I'm sure I'll kick myself later for skipping something as I don't have any reference materials in front of me while at work: Parmachene Belle Black Gnat Montreal Professor Silver Doctor Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Partridge and Orange/Yellow Coachman/Leadwing Coachman (c'mon! Count them as one-they're basically the same fly!) Royal Coachman White Miller Blue Dun March Brown
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