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  1. Just wondering what my local shop pays for St. Croix legend elite freshwater? I am looking at the 9 foot 6 weight which they have priced round $470. I have always been curious about this.
  2. I am looking at either a Dyna-King Kingfisher or Peak Rotary. What are some thoughts on both of these and are there other vises I should look at in this price range?
  3. Thank you as well flytire.
  4. What size tungsten beads do ya'll use for 12-20 hooks? I will be adding tungsten or lead wire to flies as well so the bead will not be the only weight.
  5. There is a decent shop here. I was just looking for advice on where to get a vice and etc. without paying a premium.
  6. My local fly shop does not carry very much fly tying supplies. What are some good online retailers for supplies and tools?
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