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  1. 2 hours ago, dairydave said:

    i am from uniontown pa... around 45 minutes south of pittsburgh. i am the operations manager for United Dairy here in Uniontown. 20 years for me...  we have 3 locations that bottle milk . our home office/plant is in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Another plant in charleston, WV. and here in uniontown we do all the bottling. we have branch locations in fairmont WV, beckely WV, Lancaster ohio, portsmouth, salem and galax va. We ship milk to 6 states. WV, Ohio, Pa, New york, maryland, Virginia... we even go up in to Maine with our ice cream. In the fall we Bottle Egg Nog for Costco and deliver it to 2 warehouse on the east coast. They distribute all along the coast from maine all the way down to Florida 


    Hello from hempfield twp, sw PA. You fishing the yough for your smallies? I've got a set of those harbor freight foam cutters myself. They're great.

  2. I've got one as well and love it. I purchased mine with the material clip and D-arm also. I like both accessories very much. While some day I would love to own a j- vise, it would be a purely frivolous purchase.

  3. Micro Game Changer Olive 020920




    Looking great. Don't forget to do some in obnoxious colors too. I had one I made similar to yours with loads of silver flashabou-like dubbing. The large mouth would not leave it alone.


    Nothing like the others artists are posting, but this is my confidence fly. I fish it like a streamer more often than not. Trout and panfish love it.

    2 rubber legs, peacock herl and hen hackle



  4. I love fishing carp on the fly. Walk The shore line until you find a fish within casting distance feeding. Look for a mud cloud with a tail sticking out. Get positioned ahead of where it looks like it's going so you're line doesn't end up across it's back. Cast 3 to 5 feet in front of it and wait. When you think the fish is about a foot away from the fly, give it one short strip to just move the fly a few inches at most. If you see for get sucked up, great. But more often than not your just reading the fish's body language to know when to set the hook. It's both still and slow moving and super exciting at the same time. If your in a shake lake a 5wt is fine. If you're in moving water the flies will be heavier and the fish will fight harder, so go with a 7wt.

  5. Just make sure the roll top part is big enough that your vise fits. And don't be in too big of a rush or you'll risk paying too much. I looked and looked for a few months and ended up finding one in great condition for $40 I think. Most were listed around $200.

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