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    I've got one as well and love it. I purchased mine with the material clip and D-arm also. I like both accessories very much. While some day I would love to own a j- vise, it would be a purely frivolous purchase.
  2. Finally got some tails on somewhat straight using a heated bodkin to melt a groove in it. Nothing fancy.
  3. agreed. Is there an easy way to get them to lay straight when tied in as a tail?
  4. I use steel clip like silkhdh showed. Works good for me.
  5. Looking great. Don't forget to do some in obnoxious colors too. I had one I made similar to yours with loads of silver flashabou-like dubbing. The large mouth would not leave it alone. Nothing like the others artists are posting, but this is my confidence fly. I fish it like a streamer more often than not. Trout and panfish love it. 2 rubber legs, peacock herl and hen hackle
  6. Hot spots help me keep an eye on the fly at a distance. More for me than the fish. Fish might like em too. I have no idea
  7. I love fishing carp on the fly. Walk The shore line until you find a fish within casting distance feeding. Look for a mud cloud with a tail sticking out. Get positioned ahead of where it looks like it's going so you're line doesn't end up across it's back. Cast 3 to 5 feet in front of it and wait. When you think the fish is about a foot away from the fly, give it one short strip to just move the fly a few inches at most. If you see for get sucked up, great. But more often than not your just reading the fish's body language to know when to set the hook. It's both still and slow moving and super exciting at the same time. If your in a shake lake a 5wt is fine. If you're in moving water the flies will be heavier and the fish will fight harder, so go with a 7wt.
  8. try tying them on a 2x or 3x heavy wire hook. Or fewer turns of hackle.
  9. Just make sure the roll top part is big enough that your vise fits. And don't be in too big of a rush or you'll risk paying too much. I looked and looked for a few months and ended up finding one in great condition for $40 I think. Most were listed around $200.
  10. I've been an auto mechanic going on 16 years now. First 10 for Infiniti, now with Nissan. Infinitis were much nicer cars but there variety with Nissan and all the new advanced safety features they keep coming out with really keep me on my toes. Been a master Tech for 7 years now, so I get to work on the gtr and new Cummins diesels and even the all electric leafs.
  11. Gone mine also. Thanks Mark! Checked out your website also. Beautiful knives you're making.
  12. I have to totally agree, depends on the child. My son never got interested in fishing of any kind, except ice fishing when he was 5 or 6 and that didn't last long. However my grandson showed a genuine interest in fly fishing at age 4, which is when he got started; never went the bait route until much later. He is now 16 and has been my fishing buddy since he was 4; that is until he discovered jeeps and girls. If you introduce fly fishing, you might want to consider an 8 or 9 foot Tenkara rod as the child will learn the casting strokes without having to manage line as well. Lot of people will disagree with that as they consider Tenkara nothing more than cane pole fishing but there is a definite casting stroke and has been recommended as a way to start anybody (young and old) out in learning fly casting. that's a great idea. My son is 3 and has a sponge Bob closed face kiddy rod. It came with these sponge lures that entertain him quite well. Still needs a little help casting when there's a real hook on there, though. I think if he shows interest in fly fishing I may get him a tankara rod to try first.
  13. yeah. Maybe the blue scotch Brite that's ok on non stick cookware. But I'd be hesitant to use a green scotch Brite pad on a fly line.
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