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  1. I ordered it when this thread was started. Still no word on when it's coming. I got a confirmation email. They took my money. Anybody else heard anything?
  2. Thanks for the input so far everyone. ^this is the one I've tied so far. Had to sub dark red for the rubber legs though.
  3. Anybody have a favorite small simple stonefly nymph pattern? I've read they're good on the Erie tribs for steelhead. I'm going to have to order a few materials to tie the patterns I've seen. Wanted to ask around here to see what works for you guys before I order materials.
  4. Yup. Walk around the lake. Look for fish if the water is shallow. Look for plumes of mud coming to the surface if it's a bit deeper. 90% of it for me has just been looking watching waiting. So rewarding when you hook one though.
  5. Thanks guys. Felt good getting out. Didn't see another person all day.
  6. Got out for a few hours with the family. More hiking and exploring than fishing. But fun was had by all. Only fish landed was on a small clown shoe caddis variation.
  7. I've tied em from 6 down to 18. The big ones I tied on glo bug hooks sink quite quickly, as they're still very sparse.
  8. When I'm streamer fishing, I'll often put a small swivel at the end of the butt section of my leader. Makes an easy spot to change tippet, and prevents twist.
  9. When I went through this decision I narrowed it down to the peak rotary or the wolff atlas. I got the peak rotary with material clip and D-arm. Mostly because I found it on sale. I've been very happy with it.
  10. I tie in hen by the tip and do not strip one side, personally.
  11. Buck tail tied in as an under wing helps with fouling.
  12. Hello from hempfield twp, sw PA. You fishing the yough for your smallies? I've got a set of those harbor freight foam cutters myself. They're great.
  13. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/topic/86861-diy-shanks/&tab=comments#comment-719428
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