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  1. Quail feathers do make some GREAT Soft Hackle flies. One of my "go to" feathers when I tie soft hackle.
  2. Sorry, I fish it in Colorado but not NM. Hope you do well. My guess is that it might be cold still in April in the water. You might be more comfortable in waders, but then, I am using my waders in July in Colorado.
  3. Don't be afraid to cut them off the hook after tying them when learning. That way, you only use one hook as you learn. Brian
  4. I am thinking a Lady Caroline in 1/0.
  5. I am way out of my league on this one if the fly above is any example of what is to come. I hope everyone is fine with what I do.
  6. 6 weeks is fine for me. I checked today and I have hooks in 1/0 and 2 so I guess I will be tying on one of those sizes at this point. I think I have everything else as well.Will have to check tomorrow. Just started back tying after taking a couple of years off. This will be fun. Thank you for letting me join.
  7. I'll take the last spot if still open.
  8. Guys, Thank you for your patience with my schedule coupled with the late arrival of flies to my house. ALL Flies have been placed in the hands of the USPS and could begin to arrive as early as Monday! Sorry that I drug things out a bit but I think that you all will enjoy the flies! Brian
  9. Guys, Things at home and work have spun out of control the last two weeks. :wallbash: I am so sorry but the flies have not been sent yet. I finish work this Friday and life should get back to normal. I should be able to get to the PO to send them out by Monday. So Sorry for the delay. These are a great bunch of flies and I want you all to be able to use them. Please be patient with me. Thanks for understanding, Brian
  10. I received the last set of flies yesterday. I should be able to get them out on Monday or Tuesday.
  11. Guys, Thanks for letting me know they will be late. I understand how life can ov ertake you. Brian
  12. I received more flies today. One week to go and still have 4 sets to receive.
  13. They did. I marked it on the first post of the thread that they were received. Brian
  14. Received the first set today. Looked good but no toe tags. Guys, please be sure to include a toe tag on your flies. Thanks, Brian
  15. John, Those look awful good for only 3 months! I can't wait to see them and ship them back out. Brian
  16. We're FULL! I will send a PM later this weekend with my address. Brian
  17. I would like to host a swap of one of my favorite flies: Compara-Duns and Sparkle Duns. Due Date is May 7th. Limit is 12 swappers. 1) millerwb - Olive Sparkle Dun sz. 16 - COMPLETED 2) professori - PMD Comparadun - RECEIVED 3) fishRtasy - Sulpher Comparadun w/CDC - RECEIVED 4) mlwebb - BWO Comparadun - RECEIVED 5) Horseshoes - Comparadun - RECEIVED 6) 12mile - TBD - RECEIVED 7) ibrb - Callibaetis Sparkle Dun - RECEIVED 8) Houndog - Deer Hair & CDC Comparadun RECEIVED 9) boynabubble - PMD Sparkledun - RECEIVED 10) jburge - Green Drake Sparkle Dun - RECEIVED 11) SearchingSolitude - BWO Two tone Sparkle Dun in #18 - RECEIVED 12) Student4evr - Comparadacktle RECEIVED We're FULL! I will send out an address later today.
  18. Just keep watching eBay. I pick up several rools a few months ago and never paid more than 5 for each. Some were in the 2-3 dollar range.
  19. OK, I downloaded the books from the Google site. There were pages missing. I then downloaded the same book (Kelson) from the Archive site. All pages were there and the digitizing was better. Thanks to all for both sites. I never knew this was available. Here is a link for the Pryce-Tannatt book How to dress Salmon Flies. Once you are on the Archive.org site, you can do a search for the word Salmon and you will get 140 hits. All, including Kelson's book can be downloaded in PDF. Brian
  20. Matt, Thanks from a CSS participant! I would NEVER have been able to purchase these if I could have found them! Brian
  21. Dave, That does make me think about how HOT it is today here. Good looking fly. Brian
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