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  1. Very nice indeed, Great tying. Regards.
  2. A few curry's red shrimp I tied up a while back. I must Apologise for the quality in the photo's. Regards Scott.
  3. Some Calvin shrimp flies I've been tying. regards.
  4. Thanks for the reply despatiesim. Regards.
  5. Hi eide The flies are tied on salar singles size #6.
  6. Some of my hair wing patterns. Regards.
  7. Some of my Irish shrimp fly patterns.
  8. Thanks fellas, looking forward to using the forum.
  9. Hello My name is Scott, I have been fly tying and fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon & brown trout for a number of years now. I would mainly tie Irish shrimp fly patterns for Atlantic Salmon and would mainly fish the Foyle system here in N.Ireland. I am looking forward to posting some of my flies on the forum. kind Regards Scott.
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