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  1. mikechell: I always make it a habit to read the forum procedures very carefully before I post anything in a forum. Here is the forum criteria as posted by the webmaster/moderator: Title: Photography Corner: "Forum for the discussion of all things photography related. Flies, landscapes, equipment, post processing, techniques, etc. Does not have to be fly fishing/tying related" I do not see where I made any mistakes here "photography related must include images. Correct me if I am wrong. Don
  2. Thanks for the welcome vicente... Entirely possible, meeting on a N. CA river. I have plans to work the Fall River, The Pit and Hat Creek later in the summer and probably the Feather on my return to Rancho Cordova. Next week a group of us are headed to Mammoth Lakes for about four days. We will be camping by Twin-Lakes. I plan to fish them as well as Lake George, Crowley, Convict and the Owens River. Some very large fish to hook in those areas if you know how to trick them. A smaller group of us plan to return to Mammoth in late August and early September, for some more R, R and serious fishing. Tight lines to you and thanks again. Don
  3. I live in Rancho Cordova, CA... less than two miles from the American River. The north and south forks of the American meet at Folsom Lake which is about 12 miles north east of me and it exits into the section of the American which could be called the South Fork. It meanders for quite a few miles until it meets the Sacramento River. The American is teaming with many different species that migrate from the Sacramento river, to the American. Salmon, Steelhead, Stripers and Shad are some of the game fish that travel this section. So, I fish it regularly, this time of year, for Shad. They are fine fighters and provide plenty of practice, you soon learn that they hang near the bottom so, allowing your fly to sink good before you begin to strip works well to encourage them to take the fly. When they slow down on American River Pinkies and Bloody Maria's, I switch to streamers. They seem to like the Mylar Mickey Finn's and Spruce Flies. I tie a variation of the Jack Dennis Spruce Fly, mine is crude but quite effective. I weight it on the shank with a few wraps of .5 mm lead wire so it gets down quickly and of course I use a sinking tip line as well as a sinking leader. The Shad are not as selective as other species so they see this fly as a minnow, which of course is part of their main diet. Sorry, no photos of the fish, I hope to correct this soon, with a purchase of a Nikon waterproof Digital Camera. But, here is an image of the modified Spruce that I shot with my Nikon D3 and a 105 mm Micro manual lens. My Spruce version seems to work pretty good for me, I usually catch three to four them about one hour before dark, a typical feeding pattern for the Shad here. Re: Don Click To Enlarge:
  4. Greetings: I joined this site today and thought I would stop by here and introduce myself. My name is Don...I hail from N. CA in Rancho Cordova about ten miles SE of Sacramento. I have been a fly fisherman since 1979 and tying off-and-on since 1980. I look forward to meeting fellow fly-tiers and fishermen here, share ideas and learn from those who have mastered the art. I have fished most of the Western Sierra Rivers here in N. CA from Bakersfield to Alturas. Fishing has always been a passion, I grew up in the country in the Central California Coastal Region where there are plenty of lakes and streams. I retired early, some years ago from the RF Communications Industry. I enjoy Amateur Radio, Fly Fishing/Tying, Hunting, Reloading and Digital Photography. Regards, Don
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