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  1. Agree. Going to be a slow roll, which was anticipated. I have some things going on soon that will hopefully drive more members and conversations.
  2. Appreciate all the feedback! Just had another major release with all of your feedback, which was heavily around the value of community and comments around fly patterns. Release notes here: https://community.sacredfly.com/t/release-2-0-community/96
  3. @flytire - Very much appreciate the feedback. I do indeed plan on adding more to the front page. The first go of the site I wanted to be a clean and easy to navigate experience with new features slowly trickling in. Cheers, Brad
  4. Love the feedback. I added those to roadmap items for development. Thank you!
  5. #2 is spot on and that's one of the main reasons I built Sacred Fly. Not just to be a repository of fly patterns, because as you said, we already have those resources. Here are some goals for the current release and ones soon to follow ... Release 1.0 (what we have now): Make it super simple to add/edit patterns Make searching for patterns easy and straight forward. Build the API (backend) and authentication system (how you login, register, etc) Add Favorites system (allows us to rank/sort by most favorited patterns, allows you to save patterns in your profile for easy reference) Add Rating system (allows registered users to rate patterns which allows us to sort based on that attribute) Comments system so we can all collaborate and chat about particular patterns Release 2.0 (what I'm working on now): Tons of bug and user experience fixes (that's for letting me know about those) More attributes to search on. Expand on the comments system (favorite comments, reply to comments, edit existing comments) Statistics (replacing the welcome message on the home page with current statistics (recently added patterns, member pattern contributions, etc) Future Releases Messaging/Alerting system (get notified when someone liked your pattern or a comment was made, messaging from other members) Link shortener (scrdf.ly is registered so you'll be able to link your patterns without the huge URL. It will be more like "https://scrd.fly/dIfA" Trophy System (Trophy for adding X patterns, Trophy for a pattern with X amount of likes ,etc) Community discussion that is linked to patterns (a rewrite of the basic comment system to be much more robust. WSYGI Editors for pattern inputs. Offer material substitutes (when you hover over a material it will offer substitutes for that material) I'll expose all of the current release notes and what I'm working on in the "about" page. Keep in mind that all of the features are driven by the community. I NEED your input on what you want to see so I can develop them. Love the input so far. Very much appreciated. Lastly, I'll be standing up a Slack/Discord chat where we can chat in realtime. Will help with the feedback loop as wel. Cheers, Brad
  6. Thanks @mikechell. Appreciate the feedback. Will keep on adding features/functionality and hopefully a bunch more patterns!
  7. Hey guys. Appreciate the feedback! I started Sacred Fly because searching for patterns was always a bit of a process. I felt like there was a need for a central repository where not only could you have patterns in one central place, but the searching process was much easier. For example, searching for a particular material in a pattern or searching for specific species and listing patters from there (eventually there will be more attributes to search for). On top of the search process I wanted some place that was a community for fly tiers and patterns they created. A place where people could comment on patterns and add additional information that they've experienced. To your point @whatfly on what the motivation is to add patterns. The way I look at is is if I have a fly pattern that I enjoy tying and I want others to enjoy it too, I'd post it on Sacred Fly. It's strictly a community driven site. Would love to hear your feedback on why other libraries ended up defunct and what we can do to avoid that. Also would love to hear what you would like to see in a fly library that could make it better. Cheers, Brad
  8. Definitely free! Thanks for registering. Excited for everyone to start adding patterns. Please please please let me know if you find bugs and or have feature/enhancement requests.
  9. Thanks Mike West! @Bimini15 - That's really the only purpose. Wanted to keep it pretty simple and have it a fly tier driven community of fly patterns with direction and vision inputs from the community on new features or changes.
  10. That's a good enhancement request! I'll figure out something on how to add similar functionality to the next release. The MAIN purpose of the site is to have fly tiers like yourself and the rest of the community add their patterns as they create them so it becomes a community driven resource of patterns. To your point in particular I think replacing the welcome text with statistics on how many different patterns for each species would be a great idea (with links directly to those search results). As of right now (since only some of my patters on on there) the only species that respond to results are "Bonefish" and "Trout" (various species). Cheers, Brad
  11. Heroku then S3/CloudFront for static assets.
  12. Hey All, I've been working on a personal project for the last half year. It's been part my passion for fly tying and other part wanting to do something for the fly tying community. It's completely free. All hosting, AWS, etc services are paid out of my pocket (we can geek out on the tech stack if you'd like). I'd like to hear what you all think and most importantly hear what suggestions you have! As of this posting the only patterns on the site are ones that I've created. That said, I just returned from a bonefishing trip so if you want to get a sense for what patterns look like click the dropdown (select "Species") and search for "bonefish". There are also some instructional videos on how to search and add/edit patterns on the FAQ page. Please let me know if you have any questions! Sacred Fly - Fly Tying Patterns Cheers, Brad
  13. Makes sense. Thanks for the welcome!
  14. Hey All, Curious what you all are using for bulk fly storage? Currently when I sit down to tie some flies I typically make a dozen of each pattern, only a few of those go in the fly box I take to the river. I have some cheaper fly boxes with magnetic bases that I'm using along with some bead holders for smaller midges. Would love to hear your strategy! Cheers.
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