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  1. I started a couple of years ago using a Cabelas fly tying kit and I tied a bunch of hard foam TCS popping bugs. I am now tying balsa, cork, and sheet foam popping bugs and I want to buy a good, not great or as pricey as a small car, rotary vise. I need one that can be sold with a c clamp as I have a pedestal base. Any recommendations y'all
  2. I broke down and ordered some balsa round drowels from a shop in Colorado. I tried whittling, turning square blocks into round dowels, and finally realized my whittling skills need mucho improvement. I am trying now to carve with my Dremel two,pieces if mesquite I got from a custom sawmill close by and hope they turn out better. Much harder wood but beautiful grain and just plain purity. Will post some pics of first couple of round dowel balsa bugs. Bought 1/2 inch diameter dowels. Good luck y'all!
  3. Thanks mikechellmfor flipping the pics so they could be seen. The frog pattern got a green tail and yellow hackle. Put to barbed yellow silli,legs through body to add movement. Glitter on blue popper was made with hobby store glitter and acrylic paint in soda can bottom cut off about an inch high. The aluminum does not stick to,paint and UpI can wipe out one color and start on the next. I use epoxy spray clear coat before Imdress the back end of the poppers. Use a bur bit at lowest rpm on my electric drill not a Dremel. User Dremel with sanding wheel also at lowest rpm so as not to expose too many pits and holes in body. I am sanding down balsa square dowel to round by putting dowel after whittling one end in electric drill using coarse grit sandpaper. Slow going but pretty good results. Cuttin 36 inch dowels into 12 inch pieces for ease of working with it. Long dowels start to wobble more than 12 inch pieces. Hope to be able to keep pattern copies of Pecks that I got from Mr. Don Davis at BreamBugs.
  4. These are three of my first attempts to tie poppers. Pretty rough
  5. I have purchased 200 size 4 Mustad 3193 hooks. The shank is xlong and the strength of the hook is a little ore than I wanted. I will be cupping a large amount of cork blanks I bought at a farmers market close to Austin, TX. I appreciate the tips on the binder "clamps" and will be using a mix of Liquid Nails and Elmers to seal the cork bodies. I am lucky enough to have a neighbor with a drill press for a rotary tool to help with cupping the face. I am looking now online for a set of templates for tapering the bodies. My choice on my poppers is a flat bottom. I replicate some old Weber bugs by using craft pin heads for the eyes. Thanks for the help y'all.
  6. I don't want to use a kinked shank "popper hook" but a fine wire xlong hook to allow me to pull the bugs out of deadfalls. Any suggestions please!
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