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  1. I am getting ready for a trip to the Ogallala tail waters and started tying some copper johns. The pattern calls for a 2XL hook, which is rather difficult to find in a size 20. So my question is, why use a size 20 2XL? Why not just use a size 16? Seems the only difference would be the hook gap? Thanks.
  2. I have been doing poppers for about two years now. Love to make them. I am curious about the hook you use for the shad popper. Most of the poppers I make I just epoxy the hooks into a groove in the bottom. But the longer bodied poppers are too long for even a 3X hook. I have resorted to "tube fly" type of arrangement on the longer bodied poppers, but really not too happy with it. Hence my question about hook size and length. Thanks.
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