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  1. How do you guys get the foam out? Do you just punch out the primer and poke it out or completely cut off the other end?
  2. I guess I should rephrase my question. Im sure that technique is very important or it just wouldnt do what it needed to do. I guess my question was directed more towards the pattern aspect. Certain materials have to be tied in a certain way or it fails..period. Just seems like I see lots of variations,if you will, of fly patterns. Some are "old school" and some are the "hey this popped in my head so I tried it out". Case in point,I probably tie more marabou style jigs for panfish than anything. Sometimes I combine methods and end up with something of a marabou jig/wooly bugger mix or a marabou jig with wings, or a jig tied with dubbing rather than chenille,etc. Hope this clears up what I was really trying to say.
  3. I am pretty new at this so excuse my ignorance,but there are literally thousands upon thousands of different flies tied by people that all look different.Size,shape,color,materials,etc. Sure the fly patterns that have been around for decades have a certain way they need/should look,but it seems like I see tons of flies that guys come up with that are pretty much something they came up with on their own one day. I'm not saying this is a bad thing by any means, and if it catches fish and/or looks good in a frame then so be it. I was just wondering if I was way off base im my observations. And by the way I have discovered that this fly tying is a whole lot of fun!!!
  4. What size cork do you figure works best for panfish?
  5. Wanting to tie some poppers for bluegill and was wondering which of the materials would work best: foam or cork. im sure both have their pluses and minuses just curious what everyones preference is. And where could a guy go about purchasing some heads (in bulk preferably) that arent going to break the bank and/or fall apart quickly.(asking alot I know)Thanks.
  6. Mostly I've just being tying marabou jigs and wooly buggers. But sometimes,whether it's right or wrong,I just make something up experimenting using different materials.I do this just to get a feel for different things. Example was last night I used a #8 2 x streamer hook , wrapped in small olive chenille. About halfway up the shank I tied in some quills off of a turkey wing feather about 3/4 " long for some wings. Didn't look like anything special but was pleased it was tight and I got different materials to hold. Thanks for all the info!!
  7. I know there will always be room for improvement, but you guys that have been tying for some time, how long do you think it took you to get to the point where you where "good"?. I guess a better way to put it would be how long was it before you were spending more time tying decent flies that you were screwing things up? As some of you know I am really new to this and do not expect overnight success. I try to tie several nights a week and lets just say they might catch fish but it looks like those pictures your kid brought home from kindegarten! I'm sure there is no magic number of days as people vary on how they learn things,but was/is there a rough time period where it seemed like everything just started to come together? Its been fun trying to figure this stuff out so far.A little aggravating a lot of times,but for the most part its been enjoyable. Thanks!!!
  8. Considered buying one of these in the 9' 5wt for a beginning setup. Pros and cons???? will be at Bass Pro this weekend to handle personally to see what it is like.
  9. basic tools ordered from Cabelas and on their way. Now to figure out what materials i'm going to need to start tying. Talk about a list that never ends with that stuff.................
  10. I would love to go to a fly shop but I don't know of one within several hours of here. Also know of very few guys around that use fly fishing gear and of those not sure if any do much or even any tying. Will try to place an order for some tools real soon.
  11. Are the tools available at Cabelas any good? Ive got some gift cards from there and was wondering if I should try those or look elsewhere.
  12. Dang this place is friendly and helpful! Only been on here a few hours and already have got 2 nice offers to send me stuff to try out. Thanks much!!
  13. I'll see if I can find that book. The only book our local library has is LL Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing. May check it out means its all they have.
  14. Dont know of any fly shops close to my area at all. Closest I would guess is 4-5 hours away in southern MO around the trout streams. No trout in my area.I think the biggest obstacle for me is going to be learning all the different terms so I know what im reading about and also what the tools are and what they are used for.
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