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  1. Prob smallest would be 12-16. My eyesight ain't what it use to be
  2. For those of you who use a Regal Medallion, what head is preferred? Mostly would be tying trout flies. The standard says 1/0-22, the Midge head says 6-32. Both listed as same price.
  3. Being retired on fixed income now, I certainly don't have it to spare but I have been searching for a used regal for a couple weeks now and not many to be had and none near me so I'm thinking folks who buy them, like them enough to hang on to them.
  4. New to fly fishing and fly tying. I think I would like to learn to tie flies. Have watched lots of You tube videos and have a couple books on the subject. So much to learn but have really enjoyed this forum, so thought I would introduce myself. Retired Fire Fighter and now living on a small farm with varies animals, enjoying farm life. I have looked at lots of vises, so some of you with knowledge talk me out of buying a regal........lol Expensive for sure, but I like the simplicity of them. I would mostly be tying trout flies. Thanks to a great forum and to all that help and make this community a nice place to come to.
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