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  1. I enjoy tying as a hobby so saving money is not a consideration for me. We recently moved from Texas to Montana and my bench was packed away for a while during peak season here in Bozeman. That forced me to buy some commercially tied flies and they were terrible. A 12" cut straightened a size 14 nymph hook in still water, they often started coming apart on the second or third fish and I had to sharpen them before I used them. Give me my Mustads and Tiemco any day.

    IMG_1386 (2).jpg

  2. 1 hour ago, Kinni said:

    Looks like the same one I have. It's called a River Quiver and it's made by Riversmith. It was a bit over $400 for a 2-rod version and yes, it does lock. I've only used mine a couple times, but I've been happy with it. It's great if you hop around from place to place, but I've appreciated it even more to have everything all loaded up for an early morning outing and not needing to rig up when all I really want to do is get on the river to take advantage of the limited amount of time I have available to fish. www.riversmith.com

    Same rig. River Quiver. Right at $400.00 here in Bozeman. Leaving a rigged Hopper Dropper saves time setting up and I can have a different rig on the second rod. Works well for me.

  3. On 5/16/2021 at 8:15 AM, mikemac1 said:

    SW Montana is the land of big rivers (floating) and lots of decent reservoirs.  There are three great reservoirs just north of Bozeman on the Missouri—Canyon Ferry, Holter and Hauser.  All have great fishing. Southwest of Bozeman is Clark Canyon on the Beaverhead and Ruby Reservoir on the Ruby.  Northeast of Bozeman is Martindale.  Lots of smaller ponds around as well, especially the ponds at Three Forks.   A favorite reservoir of mine is Georgetown Lake during runoff just west of Anaconda.  A great rainbow fishery in June. Big Sky Fishing  is a good source of info.








    Thanks Mike. The ponds in Three Forks are perfect for my little boat. Blue Sky Boat Works 360 is great on waters like that. A friend here caught a 7 1/2 pound bass there but wasn't impressed since he's from Texas where  ten pounders  not uncommon.

  4. 52 minutes ago, Capt Bob LeMay said:

    Sightfishing... in fresh or salt waters - just nothing like it.  Whether on foot or in a skiff, spotting, then stalking your target, figuring out exactly where to toss your fly (or lure) then executing the cast without spooking the fish..... Pretty much as good as it gets in my world.  That's true for small fish, all the way up to fish so big that at first you can't believe it's actually a fish... .  Like I said just nothing like it.  And yes, there are days when the fish win and you go home talking to yourself vowing to do better the next time out.

    I couldn't agree more.

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