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  1. Blue Sky Boat Works model 360 from Jackson Industries. I'm more impressed with it every time I take it out.
  2. They guy across the street doesn't put a check out for Sergio's guys every other week.
  3. Same in Texas. It's now registered. I was only fishing private waters until I got that done. Ready to get to downtown Austin for some big ones.
  4. I found a lightly used one for $2300 and got it last Tuesday. I'm impressed. 3 1/2 mph with a 30lb thrust trolling motor will get me to all my favorite spots. I can get 4mph by pedaling hard but tire pretty quickly. I'll post some pics when I get it set up.
  5. Crossbraces are thru-bolted to metal plates. Got on the facebook users page and a lot of folks like them. Guess I'll be selling my Pelican Bass Raider.
  6. Unfortunately Jack lives in North Carolina now and I'm still in Texas until Covid is over. Then we're selling and leaving The Peoples Republic of Austin and moving to Bozeman where my wife is from.
  7. Anyone here know about Blue Sky Angler 360? Looks to be a step up from my Pelican Bass Raider but I'd like to hear from someone with some first hand knowledge of them. Thanks, James
  8. A.K Best, LaFontaine, Nemes and of course the Wulff's
  9. I use mild dish soap and rinse well,dry and treat with Gink.
  10. They get pretty big and healthy in Montana. We were scheduled to spend June there but Covid ruined that. We'll get back though. I married a Montana girl and have to take her home or she gets surly.
  11. This kid's hooked on fly tying and fly fishing.
  12. It is. One of the few older rods that are still going for pretty good money. My guide in Montana was the first to call it a "sniper rod". I may leave it to him in my will.
  13. Lee Wulff said it looked like a piece of strawberry shortcake.
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