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  1. Thanks all. I feel better about not epoxying now.
  2. I've built a few rods and use color preserver but not epoxy. No problems so far and much easier to replace a guide.
  3. Does epoxying the wraps strengthen the rod or just make more durable wraps?
  4. Thompson once made a midge jaw for the A-vise. Back when I could see the tiny ones that's what I tied them on.
  5. I sometimes fish micro-light. Maybe there's micro-taxidermy.
  6. Why don't we have one? I have a lot of duplicates in both tools and materials.
  7. About three years ago. Most people in this world are good, honest and well meaning. It's the jerks that get most of the attention.
  8. As I get older I find it difficult to focus on the fly in the vise without a sheet of paper behind the vise. Does anyone else find this so?
  9. I once left a nice rod and reel at a boat ramp. Went back a couple days later and someone had put up a sign with their phone number on it saying they'd found a rod and reel. I called and described it and they met me to give it back.
  10. Pretty fish. Bull trout and brook trout have been hybridizing in Montana.Big like a bull trout and take a dry fly like a brook trout. Big fun.
  11. Bull creek fishes well upstream from 360 along Spicewood Springs road. And from the trail head at the base of Scotland Wells about a 1/4 upstream is a spillway that holds some 5lbs. bass but they're real bashful.
  12. Are you local? If so you need to check out the San Gabriel and if you have a boat there's good fishing in downtown Austin.
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