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  1. Gary LaFontaine and Mike Mercer -- I'm referring mainly to their creative patterns that actually work (e.g., sparkle pupa and psycho prince). I watched a great video recently of Gary LaFontaine tying (and fishing). It's long but enjoyable. Classic camera work, and Gary is a bit mesmerizing at the bench. One of my favorite quotes: At 1:56:00 "Let me tell you something about trout. They don't look for negatives. That's why you can have a hook hanging off a fly and they don't see it. He looks for positives -- things that identify the insect as being alive." I
  2. I have a cheap Traveller knock-off, not an actual Renzetti. Some places sell just the jaws, which is what I was trying to do. My Regal base is awesome (heavy), and I don't like clamps, so I'm just looking for a stem and a head/jaw at this point.
  3. I was thinking of a Peak, but it seems like the Griffin Mongoose gets better reviews. And at $180, the price is just below a Renzetti Traveller. Decisions, decisions... Then I've also been thinking: if I go, I should go big and get a Dynaking Barracuda... I could become one of those guys who collects vises.
  4. Thanks for all the thoughts. I'm attaching a few photos. Based on the one post with the Renzetti stem picture, it doesn't look like it would work. Renzetti's screw in from the top, whereas the Regal Revolutions get "screwed into" the hole at the top of the stem. The idea of trying to remove the Revolution head from the part that sticks down from the head and is screwed crosswise into the stem is interesting. I'll try monkeying with it myself. I'm probably better off just getting a Renzetti stem and jaw rather than using the Regal stem. As one poster said, all the stems are 3/8". However, after piecemealing a jaw and stem, I end up pretty close to the price of a full vise. As to why I want a second rotary vise, that's a good question. I like my Regal Revolution (have had it for about 3 months). But by angling the jaw up at 45 degrees in order to gain better access to behind the hook, you lose the "true rotary" ability. If you rotate the vise at that point, it's not on axis. The only way to rotate it on axis is to position the jaw parallel to the ground. But then you lose access to the back of the hook. I think this is where the true brilliance of the Renzetti-style rotary comes into play. It almost makes me wish I had bought a Regal Medallion for the "bulldog" grip for when it's really needed, and then a Renzetti-style "true rotary" tying. Like most people, I've found that I don't use the rotary function much. But I did when I was using a Renzetti Traveler knock-off before buying the Revolution. m attac
  5. Does anyone know if a Renzetti Traveler head can be attached to Regal Revolution stem? I already have a Revolution with a nice heavy base and I'm looking for a decent low cost option for a "true rotary" vise to add to my vise collection. It seems like a bit of a waste to purchase another base and stem when I already have a good one. Thanks. (PS Wow that's cruel. My first post and I get ranked a "Bait Fisherman"...)
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