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  1. Just die on me. They weren't used that much and not abused ,They were 2 years old and got a small hole in the toe and I patched and then fine. Then 2 years later a small leak in a seam between the boot and fabric-fixed, fine. I know they are old, but now they aren't even usable.....it seems the water just runs in on that seam between the boot and the fabric, I don't think its the actual fabric that is just allowing water through, is it? Soooo, they can't make a seam seal that would make these things indestructible. Do all Waders just last maybe 7 years tops????

  2. ...and my legs are wet. I need new Boots and Waders. What are your favs????......Boot needs comfort and durability(rubber sole-with size you ordered vs shoe size) and would like a Stocking Foot Wader that "breaths"(do they all now?) and will last as long as any. I know theres lots of smarties out there. Thanx in advance!!!

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