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  1. I would think deer would flair too much....guess I'll just have to wrap those wings big time. That elk mane was great for wings....just split it and a couple wraps and it was perfect!!
  2. Was tying a Humpy pattern from an old FFman(Craven) and it called for "yearling elk", the yearling elk I bought from KS a long time ago was like an inch long. So I used ELK MANE which was like too long, but made GREAT wings but not "soft" enough(hardly splayed) for the humpy part...... any suggestions????
  3. I'm looking for one that has good pics/description of products and good "hair"(like many different types oft elk hair)....
  4. I used to use Kaufmanns Streamborn, I like to have a catalog in my hands, not on-line. Any suggestions who I should get to send me one???
  5. Ahhhhh....that foam with the extended tool.....kinda cool....all the foam I have seems much denser/harder than that stuff........is that a different foam than mine? Is there a way to "reply" to a speciic reply??? That Drake doesn't float on its side??? Hex hatch in Michigan! How do I get "bait fisherman" out from under my username...haven't used "bait" in 30 years!
  6. Yes...all great suggestions.....thank you! Is that extended body drake above tied with round foam? That you bought like that or cut out of a block?
  7. Over some dubbing....for the body of a dry-fly to give segmented look and buoyancy?? A feather stem maybe????
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