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  1. Thanks for you your comment.....I have not tried the magnetic threader.....I did acquire a cap which is lighted and a set of hat eyes.....these things combined with the oversized eye hooks has been a big help....I've slowed down alot in my fishing and purposely take more time doing these little jobs.... again thanks and tight lines...
  2. Thanks Fin-ite I need dry and nymph hooks but will remember this hook...
  3. Thanks guys, that does look to be what I am looking for...I'll order some and then I'll know for sure....THANKS ./….Bob
  4. …….. new to this forum but not to fly fishing or tying...Ive been fly fishing for 60+ years and tying about as long I recently found out that I have macular degeneration in both eyes and this bring me to asking for help....Do any of you know who makes "big eye" hooks and better still do you know the model number Orvis carries a big eye hook with a straight eye and even though it probably doesn't make any difference I prefer a turned down eyes…. I have a tremendous problem trying to tie on a standard eye hook …..BUT if I can find a supplier of these hooks I can solve my problem... Any help you folks can offer will be greatly appreciated....Thanks
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