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  1. ah ok, I understand, I've seen that done before. Thanks for the help.
  2. How do you mean, unwind? like just unwrap your last layer at the end to expose the compressed thread underneath?
  3. I was thinking UNI nylon stretch, seems fairly inexpensive and maybe not as difficult as traditional silk. Next time I get near a craft store I'll walk in and see what they have as well.
  4. I want to tie some soft hackles up, specifically partridge and orange but all the recipes I've seen call for floss which as a beginner I have no experience with and from what I've heard, can be difficult to work with. Is there a simple substitute? all I really have at the moment in the proper color is 70D ultra thread.
  5. I was already planning to use method 3 to add some CDC to some nymphs using the split thread technique, are you saying this can also be done for larger hen hackle as well? Thank you for the detailed reply. Which method has the best looking end result in your opinion?
  6. I'm sure eventually I'll have a bunch of materials because that's just my nature, tying them forward and then back sounds like it'll prolly do the trick until I feel like splurging on a Partridge eventually, once I have some more experience. Thanks a lot for the help and I'm sure you will be seeing much more of me on here
  7. I'd like to get one of these to tie up some brahma buggers and possibly some other patterns, can these be used to tie a common soft hackle fly in #14? I realize a cape would probably be a better choice for soft hackles but I'm just starting out and hoping I can use this one bird to tie up a few different patterns without having to buy more stuff. I know there are techniques you can use to make oversize feathers work for hackle, but for now I'd like to keep it simple.
  8. What color was the Brahma in your video? I'm struggling with my color choices, I think tan is probably my best bet but I do like how yours turned out.
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