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  1. I would like to hear. What is your favorite fly fishing pole? What brand: Rod length: The weight of the fly rod: Action: Is it a Fly Rod Combo? What do you fish with it? What did it cost you? Mine is a rod I made from mudhole.com 8.5" 3wt, Action: Mod-Fast $130.00 and reel is a free hand me down from Orvis. and I fish small panfish, Bluegill or Pumpkinseed. I haven't had luck with bass or trout. I have a lot of luck finding them and putting them on the hook and with the weight of that rod. Here is a web link I found on that: Fly Rods : A Buyers Guide - What Kind of Fly Rod to Get A comprehensive Buyers Guide to Fly Rods. We'll cover what to get, what not to get, and where to get it. Detailed information about fly rod action, the best fly rod for beginner anglers, fly rod length and much more. www.bigskyfishing.com Last edited: Oct 20, 2021 Stu
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