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  1. Hey now folks... Beginning fly tyer. Retired in August, expected I'd start dabbling eventually. Got sick w/covid end of Oct. Figured this would be a good time. Got some basic tools and materials, and dove in. Watched a lot of YT vids, learned a lot, hanging on the fly fishing forum and some FB beginner groups. The learning journey is fun. I frequently hit a wall because I don't have a material called for, so I add it to my list for the next order and try to figure out an alternative. Have more supplies coming this week, so hoping to expand the repertoire. Been working on nymphs, buggers, and a couple of drys, but mostly technique. I try doing "X" (like dubbing loops or something), cut it off, and do it again until it starts to look OK. Still got a LOT to learn, even about the basics. Nice to be here, hoping to learn... Charlie A few pics...
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