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  1. Hi, I still cant open or see classicflytying.com. Everything else on FTF I can open. Tried with iexplorer and with mozilla firefox. I have done what SmallieHunter suggested. I have also tried with several other computers but as I said, cant open the classic site What about you other norwegians, can you open the classicflytying.com site, or is is it just me who are out in the cold????
  2. yes, i can open everything on the forum exept the classical site. I understand notthing
  3. THIS REALLY DRIVE ME NUTS :wallbash: :crying: :shocking: :jumpy: , I JUST CANT OPEN THE SITE. HOPE YOU CAN FIX IT
  4. done that but i still cant open the classictying.com site
  5. hi, i dont get connection with the classicflytyingsite.
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