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  1. Sent in my pre-order a few days ago before the name change. Now that I have seen the list of authors and articles I'm really excited to see this issue arrive. Great job. Jeff
  2. Arkfisher, don't do it. It's like stepping in quicksand. It starts out simple with some fairly simple supplies but quickly you get to the point where you say stuff like "Hey, I need a jungle cock feather for this fly. Guess I better buy a skin. Wham!!! There goes $170 bucks. And of course you have to start buying various books. I figure therapy might be next on the list. (speaking from experience since I am only a few steps ahead of you). Definitely go over to the Classic forum. Incredible wealth of info in the existing posts and fantastic bunch of guys that are willing to help out. Matt being one of them. Matt, awesome frame you made for your dad. Jeff
  3. Bazz, Great flies! The nymphs are great but I really love the dragonfly. Can you give a brief summary of the technique? Do you use a cone shaped piece of foam for the body to get the taper and then pinch it off at intervals with thread? Nice work, Jeff
  4. I just received my surprise envelope as well. Very cool. Thank you much. I hope to soon have some of my own sitting next to these. Jeff
  5. Woody, I also have a Peak and have had no problems with hook holding. That was one of the strong points in the reviews I read and was one of the reasons I went with this vise. You might want to e-mail the company. I received immediate feedback from them with help and eventually a replacement part to fix the problem. Jeff
  6. SWEET ! ! ! :headbang: For a coffee lover like me that's a great spider. Nice tie.
  7. Very cool Mtn. By the way, how do you insert a picture like yours where it has the "Click to Enlarge" ability?
  8. Very carefully. I have had a few legs melt off on me. You just have to watch carefully while you are doing it a pull the pin away if it looks like its melting. Sometimes it takes me 2-3 heatings to get a leg bent to where I want it. I haven't tried the pinch method. I'll have to give it a whirl. Jeff
  9. The difference in the your legs vs mine is that you seem to be missing a joint. After I tie the mono to the hook I put the heated pin on TOP of the leg a little ways from the body and lift the leg up. Then for the next bend put the heated pin UNDER the leg a little further out (like you did) for the next segment.
  10. Peak Rotary Vise - pedestal version. Awesome. Things I like about this vise: The looks The jaws sit higher above the desk than the Renzetti Traveler (my 2nd choice) The price. Just wanted to share my great experience with Kurt Pflock at Peak Fishing. I received a Peak vise for Christmas that we had ordered from Bass Pro Shop. Very nice vise but this one had a little bit of play in the rotating shaft at the front of the brass block on the riser. I know I probably could have taken it back to Bass Pro Shop but it's about an hour away. So instead I e-mailed Peak Fishing and asked for their assessment of the problem. I received a reply within about an hour with a suggested fix. Unfortunately this did not fix the problem. So after another e-mail or two we determined that the hole in the brass block was a bit out of spec. Kurt put a replacement part in the mail immediately along with a material clip. To sum it up, I am happy with the vise and the company which stands behind their product.
  11. Nice spiders! And yeah, I know what you mean - some people are really freaked out by them. :devil:
  12. I'll add my thanks as well. This forum is awesome. Quick question if someone is willing to answer it. I'm sure it's written somewhere but... Can I create a new post to let people know about a vendor who really stood behind his product when I contacted him about a flaw I found. Not sure what your policy is on this.
  13. guess I wasn't quick enough on the trigger with hitting that Submit button. So, I'm curious. The posts for the four corners of the bottom piece. Was this part of your design? i.e. did you turn these or were these left over from another project or salvaged from some other piece of furniture? I like the way they look. Sort of a log cabin look.
  14. Let me be the first to say AWESOME!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Very nice job. Obviously you put a bit of thought into how you wanted this laid out with the threads and tools. May you spend many happy hours in front of that station. Jeff
  15. I believe the bigger spider was with a Dai-Riki #135 Size 10 Scud/Pupa. The smaller one I think was a Tiemco 2488H Size 12, Dry Fly/Nymph 2x Wide, 2X Short, 2X Heavy.
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