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  1. Joe, Beautiful fly. :thumbup: I feel quite honored to have a fly named after me. I'm glad I sent that antique line to you because I certainly would not have done it justice. Great work. Jeff
  2. Parasol - it has umbrella type patterns in it. Nice fly! Jeff
  3. John, Excellent job!! Much better than my Jock Scott that I tied a while back with that DVD. I'm sure you'll agree that tying along with Mike is an incredible experience. Nice to be able to see the techniques up close with that great camera work. I'll let the experts try and find stuff wrong. Looks great to me. Jeff
  4. I'll second the advice on the hackle pliers. I just recently bought the swivel kind and it has made a world of difference over using the kind you stick your finger through.
  5. I bought mine from John McClain, but I have heard that the feather dusters at WallMart aren't half bad. It might even have been Radencich that said that. You might want to check them out.
  6. Very, very nice! But please tell us a little more about how the yellow managed to "sneak" into the wing as you were marrying it. Sounds like quite the lively feather. Jeff
  7. Matt, whose baby did you wife have recently? :dunno: I'll add my kudos to the CSS mentors. Great job guys!! Suggestion for the next round: Have Matt start a single post with an appropriate title and have all the participants post their pictures to this one post. It will get WAY long but it will be WAY easier to keep up with what is being posted since the e-mail notification takes you to where you left off last. Jeff
  8. No question about it, definitely not as easy as it first seems. But you did a nice job on this first one. Jeff
  9. How long are the ostrich herls you guys are using? I have never used more than one and almost always have some left. Mine are typically about 3-4" long. Jeff
  10. Thanks John. I probably should have tried fixing the wing before posting it. Like I said this fly frustrated me. I have a feeling the next one will be a lot better. I just wasn't in the right mood for this one.
  11. All right Vickie! Nice start. Kudos for doing two of these beasts. Looking forward to watching your progress as we move through the list of flies in the seminar. Jeff
  12. Nice start Redwings. btw - what happened to that team last night? :dunno: Don't know if you sent pics of this to the mentors but you may want to do that to get as much feedback as possible before starting the second version of this (if that is what you are going to do). That is where half of he learning of this seminar comes from is the wonderful advice these guys can dish out from looking at a picture. Looking forward to more. Jeff
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