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  1. jules


    thank you redwings1, i will do for sure
  2. jules


    Hi my name is Jules Winants, I am 29 (almost 30) years old and I am flyfishing for almost 3 years now. I have always fished but never flyfishing. That started about three years ago when I discovered a fishingcommunity where i saw some pictures of flyfishing, and I remembered sawing some people do it in France. I got interested but was a bit scared that it was to difficult for me. Some members of the forum convinced me to just try it, and so i did. From that day on I was hooked and took some casting lessons from a certified fly casting instructor called: William van der Vorst. And de rest was learned to me by the members by then already good friends of the forum who took the time to learn me as much as they knew providing me with hundreds of flies, and other materials to tie my own, I even went on a fishing trip with them in Austria, see the link here (ps I'm the guy with the funny cowboy hat) http://www.psychology.unimaas.nl/images/Ju..._compi_2006.wmv And I even designed and published a flyfishingbook (I am a grafic designer for my work) called : Wondervliegen, written by an artist who kept and wrote his diaries of fishing every fishing trip he made, he also made the drawings in the book himself. And now I'm even so far that we : a little group of 12 flyfishing friends own a little stretch about 1000 meters long of a river in the ardennen thats a 30 minute drive from my house. here is a picture So now i'm totally hooked on both tying and flyfishing so hoping to meet some new friends here and ofcourse to learn a lot. tight lines everybody
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