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As you all know this site has been around for almost two years and has always been for the most part, sponsorship free. With the growing operating expenses the time has come, and FTF is now being sponsored by J. Stockard Fly Fishing. With many sites they get several companies to sponsor their site but I went another route. Instead of many sponsors J. Stockard Fly Fishing is the exclusive sponsor of FTF and it is a partnership I hope will continue long into the future.


As you may remember J. Stockard sponsored the 2004 Fly Tyer of the Year contest by donating hundreds of dollars in gift certificates to the winners and it was because of that kind gesture that I gave them the opportunity to become our exclusive sponsor. With the amount of time that I have spent speaking with them via phone and email I really believe that they are a perfect fit for this community. I believe that they have special offers that will be exclusive to FTF members such as the free fly box that can be seen on one of their banners. They have a great selection of products and they concentrate on fly tying and rod building supplies instead of trying to carry a little bit of everything.


One thing that I want to make clear is that this community will not change in anyway as a result of this sponsorship. I want everyone to feel comfortable and post the information/thoughts that you always have. I strive to make this place as “care free” as possible and I do not want that to change. The only thing that I do ask is that this site does not become a place for customer service type questions for J.Stockard. If you have any direct questions for them about a product or their service please contact them through their website.


In addition to the banners J. Stockard will be give their own forum where they will have the ability to post new products, special offers, etc. I hope you all take the time to visit their site and consider them the next time you need some supplies. If you do order from them be sure to let them know that you found them through FTF!






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