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Fly Tying
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Blue/Black Cone Head

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IPB Image


Took a break from BWO's to tie with some the stuff I got from the Somerset Show. Targus came out with some cool new flash that I incoporated into this winter swinger.



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hey shaq....very nice...AlexC was saying I should get in touch with you and talk tubes....since I'm just learing them, but I too have been a bit swamped.....it's on my list to do


I didn't realize targus did materials....I thought they were hooks only

what's the complete dressing for this fly if I can ask?


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Targus has starting making some sweet synthetics. They have flash, synthetic seal and some craft fur type acrylic that was like 5 inches long. They make a shiny suerfine material at 4 1/2 inch fibers too.


The recipe for this fly is


Body: Purple and blue polar chennille twisted and run up the hook shank

1 black marabou palmered.

targus flashabou wine and blue holographic

1 dark blue marabou feather palmered

1 light blue marabou feather palmered

Collar: Black schlappen

HMH tube cone,

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