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  1. How does one keep a tank of that size looking so clean?....great stuff!
  2. awesome.....love the overall body shape and color blending
  3. VERN-O

    Rose Bud Skunk

    It's been a while since I've posted anything, but thought I would share this with you guys....enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIt4CnmKn2o&feature=g-upl
  4. KHoss inspired on this one
  5. geees Kevin....that head is freaking huge on that spey hook one....LOL!!!! You just made my day, because there is something in that photo that just tripped a trigger in my head for a fly that I've been struggling with conceptually.....AMEN.....now I gotta get home and apply it! Thanks buddy! Great stuff as always.
  6. thanks Flyfishing Jam!!...that makes it feel worth posting it and the step by step. I had decent luck on Salmon River smallies and fallfish with this one:...it's ugly, but the fish were digging it Reports I'm hearing are also saying steady fish yesterday and the flow is going back to 335cfs soon
  7. fishing is really slow on the river...there is a trickle of salmon coming in and they just bumped the flow from 335 to 750 cfs......that might bring some fish in
  8. I am a visitor to salmoncrazy as well
  9. I've been working with the flymen fishing company to try out a new product (articulated shanks)...They asked me to do a step by step for a fly I call the Dace Shank.....so I clamped into my Standard. Here is the link http://flymenfishingcompany.org/flytying/articulated-shank-patterns/dace-shank-fly
  10. yeah that's what I'm talking about!!!! cool tie for sure.....great colors....reminds me of tequilla worm...LOL
  11. welcome OHB.....just have fun and post a pic now and then. A great bunch of folks here
  12. all in good fun....seriously man I would like to grab her by the hackles and bend over a shank a few times
  13. Maybe we can send these to Letterman....all in good fun with the latest trend in saddle hackle fashion: 1. Hey nice saddles......look at the saddles on her 2. Yeah, I would pluck her for sure 3. Those aren't real whiting saddles..... 4. Man somebody botched your saddle hackle job
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