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Fly Tying
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salty fly

Cali. surf fly

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Tie on about 3 hook eye back.I am use TMC 811s #4 hookspost-33030-0-53908500-1367637220_thumb.jpg



Dazel-eyes black 7/32, post-33030-0-48810700-1367637394_thumb.jpg


Take three pices of kystal flash, half it, tie in.post-33030-0-73249700-1367637503_thumb.jpg


Three silli legs, again half it tie in.post-33030-0-67939000-1367637604_thumb.jpg


I use a dub brush on this fly but you can use a dub loop.post-33030-0-09078400-1367637684_thumb.jpg

Wrap the dub brush forward to eyespost-33030-0-79037000-1367637771_thumb.jpg

comb out dubbing post-33030-0-22879300-1367637904_thumb.jpg


Tie in marabou under wingpost-33030-0-70815700-1367637971_thumb.jpg


With two pices of flash tie over the wing.Wrap dubbing brush around eyes and comb out.post-33030-0-11544600-1367638056_thumb.jpgpost-33030-0-18581200-1367638151_thumb.jpg


Tie in two sili legs half them tie rearward over eyes.post-33030-0-12918100-1367638220_thumb.jpg


with a saddle hackle or schlappen, thats is what i use for this color.post-33030-0-56920000-1367638336_thumb.jpg


Plamer forward while pulling the fibers back.wrap to hook eye.post-33030-0-23885600-1367638538_thumb.jpg


Whip finish and trim flash and legs.Brush out and blend dubbing wing and hackle.post-33030-0-36625100-1367638669_thumb.jpg


I did an sand crab color onepost-33030-0-22026000-1367638804_thumb.jpg


post-33030-0-26273200-1367638755_thumb.jpgMy surf fly The Chewy, fish like to chew them up and it is hairy like Chewbacca.

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