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  1. Thanks DaryllP, i have hosted some on here and all have been enjoyable; I havent hosted lately due to heavier work load and kids getting older but plan to get back to it again soon. I may host another Fly Tyer swap where everyone ties a pattern from Fly Tyer magazine or maybe another Saltwater swap.
  2. I will have to ask him but its a deer antler with what looks like UV Epoxy
  3. A friend of mine made me this bodkin, I love it; if anyone is interested in any of these let me know.
  4. Very sorry to hear, like everyone has said the docs may be wrong; a friend of ours was diagnosed with bone cancer and now he is cancer free.
  5. Got a nice set of flies in the mail today, thanks for hosting Bob
  6. Good to hear, I gotta start sending out flies everytime there is a Hurricane around here; we didnt even get a drop of rain. 😀
  7. Ive got a dozen Hurricane Midge emergers ready to hit the post tomorrow; gonna try and get them out before Hurricane Barry hits
  8. Any saltwater pattern? I can tie up some for you and the guys
  9. Cichlids - they are picky and not very easy but they do Not like it when you do get 1 to take something
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