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  1. Got you down Mikemac1, all 4 of those look nice my pic would be the Q’s Beach Bug but thats because I fish the coast
  2. Flytire and Vicrider thanks for offering these up also have some that I could shoot over pictures in an email. Flytire do you want in the swap?
  3. 5 spots left, I will be fishing the surf for the next few days but will have my phone with me and update as people join.
  4. Got you down, fishingbobnelson and niveker
  5. Its been awhile since I have hosted a swap and my favorite swap to host was always the Fly Tyer magazine swap. I am looking for 12 participants, any pattern from Fly Tyer Magazine, everyone please post recipe on here once swap is over. Due date November 16th. SM- TBD 1. Woodenlegs 2. Byron Anderson 3. Vicrider 4. Stabgnid 5. Johnw1986 6. Niveker 7. Fishingbobnelson 8. Redietz 9. Mikemac1 10. cphubert 11. 12.
  6. Just got back from getting the mail and found a very nice set of mayflies in the mailbox; quality work everyone.
  7. Thanks for hosting Bob, stay safe out there
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