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  1. Hows it going Breambuster, it looks like Pearl Estaz or Cactus Chenille
  2. Got a nice set of flies in the mail this week, thanks for hosting Bob
  3. Just got in from out of town sales meeting to find a nice set of confidence flies in the mailbox; sorry everyone for getting mine in at the buzzer again. I couldnt find my Starling and the only suspect that I have is the cat so I went with my version of the Rainbow Warrior which I have had great luck with on sunny days at the Guadalupe. Thanks for hosting Bryon
  4. Byron I got an update from USPS this morning that they are being delivered to you today by 10:30 am
  5. Bryon I just sent you a pm, tracking had package getting to by today but just checked and it says that it is in TX still🤦‍♂️
  6. True, but your flies are always quality and well worth the wait my friend.
  7. Man I wish I could make it out there, I have been wanting to go to Sow Bug for awhile now. Have you ever made it to Houston for Ed Rizzollos Fly Tying Festival? If not you should, its in Mid February. Its 1 day and 6-8 1 hour presentations and round table fly thing all day
  8. Yeah, i’m with flytire on this 1; over 12 is too many
  9. I always have fun at the tourneys no matter how I play but we had snow flurries in Dallas and just couldnt putt in it; I had also forgot about the Ed Rizzolos Fly Tying Festival that was on the same day as the tournament. In any case I cant wait to putt these Spanish Flys to work up at the Lower Mtn or Colorado this summer.
  10. Well golf tournament didnt go as hoped but it was nice to see a nice set of flies in the mailbox; thanks for hosting Woodenlegs
  11. Good deal, I will tie mine up then. I just so happen to have purple UNI on the bobbin.
  12. Hey Bryon, I will drop as I didnt see that it was 12 in already. Sorry guys, message me if you want the recipe for those Purple and Starlings 😃
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