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Emerald Shanker SBS video - Emerald shiner pattern on waddington shank

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Very nice technique, use of materials, and thoughtful design. The colors are proven (to me anyway) on GL steelhead and the fly is nearly a "guide fly" in terms of ease and speed of assembly. (You can bang out a season's needs during a boring extra inning game.) Also an excellent video! The pattern is useful in other formats w/o the shank and especially also lends itself to tube flies.


A minor quibble. The name of the pattern evokes the common forage fish in the GL, the Emerald Shiner. But they are not black and chartreuse -- maybe they should be cuz the combo works --so there is little actual imitation at work and I'd classify the fly more as a strike stimulator. besides,there are already maybe half dozen Youtube patterns purporting to be Emerald Shiners. But most are just white maribou or rabbit strips with silver bodies which in fact more resemble --and are often fished like -- flesh flies. One such pattern so named even has a black spot behind the gill area which screams of a Shad look alike.


The actual emerald shiners run more toward tan/olive drab backs with a hint of green around a fairly wide flash lateral line and and pale gold to off-white under belly. I've been fooling with imitative streamer patterns for years. None so far are as effective as black and chartreuse streamers like yours and Mickey Finns! Go figure.




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Great colors for the GL steelhead. Thanks for the video and the variations. Going to tie this one for a few swings this fall.

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