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  1. You can also set up slightly longer hackles away from the eye; wrap them down towards the eye (reverse wing style) to length wanted; and then stand them up with wraps in front after dubbing on a body. Actually makes the hackle stand taller, move more freely, and not collapse as readily in current,
  2. I wonder.. During the past infatuations with introducing non natives were cutthroats ever tried outside their normal range? Indeed, were their ambitious restocking programs within their native range? If not, why not? Rocco
  3. Bill_729, Indeed I have seen it even in my extended family. Dropouts from school, chasing the fishing seasons across the US -- to the extent, if family funded, sometimes of crossing continents. If w/o such backing, they often live in cars, 'guide' sometimes, most often work out of fly shops, all while chasing the 'Bass Pro Tournament dream of big $ endorsement gigs from the big companies.... Way more life diverting than letting the grass grow another day or two. The latter is "hooky" -- the former escapism. Rocco
  4. Steve may well be right. ( I only say 'may' because I don't know what the hell is going on in the minds of the latest few generations. Judging by their actions and low interest in and regard for hunting and fishing outdoors activities in general, I tend to agree.) But, as a card-carrying OF, I also see downsides in the tidal wave of interest in 80s and 90s. I know lots of type A guys who got convinced they needed a status validating hobby and plunged in for a maybe a year or so but then moved on to new fad pursuits leaving behind bulging closets of top $ gear. Their spending habits changed the 'sport' by making it into an industry based around wholly unnecessary, annual, high tech/ high $, upgrades and by creating a phony, purile, mystique alluring to lots of vapid young guys who still go zomby-like into protracted, 'trout bum' status instead of growing up. IMO we should be careful about manipulations of any new mass appeals. Rocco
  5. I grew up in inner city, post WW II, Detroit in a large family. My father worked long hours and spent all his spare time entertaining his large brood, fixing stuff, and never had "hobby" time per se. Occasionally we rented a summer cottage on a lake and I was free to explore fishing more or less on my own with conventional spinning and casting gear. . The fly fishing hook was set in me by hanging out at sporting goods stores; ogling the gear; and hearing the tales of way more accomplished fisher folk. This led in my mid teens to my first fly tying kit and a homemade rod and Medalist reels. (Over the years I would estimate I may have bought a dozen commercial flies and that often was just to tear them down to see how they were made.) But throughout my twenties , I more or less got started as a loner w/o mentors outside of the fishing magazine writers of the time who, in retrospect, were often long on inspiration and pure guff but very short on reliable how to info. I later was lucky enough to find very knowledgeable guys to fish with and books by real experts who accelerated my learning curve. Today's inet would condense much of that breaking in into a long weekend. IF you could sort out the new guff.... Rocco
  6. Great tie/tye?! Makes me realize just how ham-fisted I am at the vise. This alone justifies Steve's decision to bring this sub site back. Rocco
  7. Try the sloping edges of the deep water in dim light -- early AM near dark PM -- with streamers and nymphs. They will come up to feed. Also if the FOX gets hex hatches by all means use hex nymphs and larger # 6-8 Borger strip nymphs with mobile tails. Local small mouth here love them. ddb
  8. Way back in time, I fished Back Bay, the upper end of Albermarle Sound in North Carolina. It was a huge brackish water dish maybe 4-5' deep that in fact was a sea of floating weed beds with boat trails cut into it. It was loaded with forage fish and snakes. The bass waxed fat and plentiful. Landing one nearly always meant wrestling it in with a bunch of salad on the line. So I made a purpose-built 9' 9 wt fiberglass Fenwick fly rod which was butt ugly but very durable and up to the tortuous demands of that style of fishing. The game was to cast a weedless deer hair floater onto the vegetation and and strip it toward fairly open pockets of water where explosive surface takes often happened. Heavy leaders -- 20- 25 lbs -- were the norm and even then things came unstuck and you only got grass back sometimes. I understand Back Bay has lost much of its vegetation and that fishing is way down now. The rod would probably do service as a musky rod now. Rocco
  9. Bobbin holder? Next thing I know they'll be using scissors!
  10. I had the same issue. Sage couldn't help. Steve Godshall (541840 2594) makes custom fly lines to order. He recently made a new line for my first run SAGE Bass rod that makes the rod cast big flies accurately and with authority. Nothing off the shelf did near as well. ddb
  11. They dropped from sight long before COVID. They were also cheaper at least at the end of their run.
  12. Rocco


    When spellcheck fails... "strippers"
  13. Rocco


    There are some things that are time honored in terms of good practices as fly fishing sportsmen and some that are new. Among the latter are constraints at first based on personal judgments -- that is an avoidance of actions that are fully legal and even generally acceptable, but that you just don't or won't do based on personal standards. ( Arguably, this doesn't make you a better person or sportsman -- just different in your choices.) It seems to me that, over time, more folks are speaking out on their personal standards and generally moving the margin of acceptable behavior towards more restrictive -- enlightened? -- behavioral taboos. For example, keeping fish in the water as you release them is fast becoming a judgmental norm for behavior. I also sense a shift away from the use of extreme UL tackle -- 0 wt rods for example -- that tires out fish and reduces their chances of survival after release. Everyone --most? many of us? -- has such personal hobby horses. Mine -- which I am inflicting on no one else -- is a strong aversion for competitive fly fishing.
  14. It's a great book in its own right.
  15. Rocco


    Noise pollution. This will fall on deaf ears but I really dislike it when guys do their own video-like commentary on a fish take and fight -- usually accompanied by yahoos ,hoops, and occasional expletives. Yeah, its mainly the backward hat brigade and the enthusiasm of youth but after all it is not a mass sporting event. (There is also IMO some insidious influence at work from videos of competitive bass fishing that in recent years feature motor mouth 'stars'. And from my side of 50 yoa this din encroaches on my focus, enjoyment, and ever diminishing patience with the human race. Rocco
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