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  1. Even a regular walk in the park will never be the same again... never know what you might find as far as feathers go. I just raided my mother's african grey's cages for tailfeathers. You, too, will become a feather whore. Don't even get me started on the fur...
  2. I also pondered this the other night while my cat was asleep on my lap. Some of you are talking about shedding, and I guess what fur can be salvaged from that. Is it considered a major faux-pas to get it straight from the vine, where the roots are deep? It'll grow back, right? I was also eyeballing the way that the natural taper of his whiskers lend themselves more so to a drake's tail than the quality paintbrush trimmings that I've been using. I've joked with my wife about having the cat stuffed when he dies to immortalize him, and she'll have no part of it, but if I make some flies now, then conceivably, the little bastard could live forever. Is this wrong?
  3. I just started with the Danvise with the extension arm, and it does everything that I need it to do. I've been 100% satisfied with it.
  4. numerous tests have shown that it lands and stays on it's side.
  5. no, haven't tried fishing it yet, and i'd say there's at least a 50% chance it will land upside down.
  6. My biggest problem is that my hands shake. If they're shaking because I've had too much coffee, I have a Pabst. If they're shaking because I haven't had a Pabst, then I have a Pabst. If they're not shaking at all, then I make a cup of coffee so that my hands will shake so that I have to have a Pabst.
  7. somewhere on here, i read a tip about making eye barbells from melting mono, and it worked like a charm. so then i tried this. i have room to trim back the wingtips, but for some reason, i like them long.
  8. Every once in awhile, you just have one of those days that ends with a bodkin in your thigh, the cat running around missing a patch of hair, and one of your eyelids cemented shut. A 12oz. liquid hug is never more than a fridge away...
  9. Was wondering if there are any set times when people show up? Normally, when I jump in, it's just crickets chirping...
  10. I'm tying with crappy thread that, if I had to guess, is smaller than the 6/0 black I bought. Everything I'm doing right now is on size 16 hooks. I am using cement. After reading replies, I've cut down on wraps from 6 to 3 or 4, and have taken greater care in placing the whip, and I've had better results. I appreciate all of your replies, but have now become consumed with my vise jaws showing wear. I'm tying on a new Danvise w/extension, and have loved it except for being under 20 flies on the vise and having it showing wear. And i did watch the video on how to properly adjust tension, and have been following it sternly. Is it normal for any decent jaws to show wear this soon? ----fly time, the wings were made of fine-tipped sharpie-enhanced plastic bags that my Christmas napkins from Target came from. We try our best to adapt and overcome around here...
  11. how many wraps on a whip are necessary, and how do i make them smaller so that my dubbing goes all the way up to the bead?
  12. a #14 poxy ant. it looked easier to do than a bugger.
  13. The fenwick I gave back to my father, because I think he purchased it just to have something to put his father's reel on, and he used it for awhile. As for the Ocean City, I mounted it on a faster action Cahill. I know that it's not very valuable, but it gives me a chance to hang out on the creek with my grandfather, which I never had the opportunity to do. If only I could find someone who collects empty Blue Ribbon cans...
  14. I recently moved from West Chester on the edge of Chester county to Trainer, right in the middle of Delaware county. Ridley Creek park, and parts of Chester creek are both within 15 minutes from here, so i should be busy come spring.
  15. Just wanted to say hello from S.E. Pa. I was always a bass and spinning rod guy, and the occasions where I came across trout always ended with my leaving the pool feeling frustrated. Then, last season, I inherited my grandfather's Ocean City #35 reel strapped to a really sloppy feeling Fenwick, and I was instantly hooked. I can say with certainty that I've mastered inconsistency. Every once in awhile, when the moon is right and I've had a shave, I can get up to 40 feet out of my ugly roll cast, and get it to go where I intend. Haven't even tried the overhead stuff yet. In spite of my shoddy technique, the reel got me some fish last season, and even my limited success was enough to make me want to leave my spinning combos in the closet forever and focus on fly. Around Christmas, I inherited a 3/4 graphite combo with much faster action that I can't wait to try. In the meantime, this new facet of my old hobby has left me with a bigger case of the Cabin Blues than I've ever had before. Being a union electrician, I often find myself with lots of "Personal Reflection Time" around winter-- everyone else says that I'm laid-off, but I think my way sounds alot nicer. To combat the blues, I recently made a tying desk, and ordered a Danvise & extension arm, which should be here any day now. I'm looking forward to the challenge, and will probably be asking alot of questions in here. -Chris
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