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  1. Here's one for Belgium using the colors of their flag. Last week's events were sad. Belgium Hairwing Hook: Partridge Salmon sz 4 Tag: Gold tinsel and black floss Tail: GP tippet Body: Gold and red floss Rib: Black wire Throat: Red schlappen Wing: Black squirrel tail
  2. If it's still available, I'll take it.
  3. My experience matches the other comments, 1/0 is the largest hook I tie in the SS jaws.
  4. I have a Regal with the SS jaws and the bronze base, and I like it a lot. It is my primary vise. I have been very happy with it.
  5. Some times, you just tie for fun. Hairwing Green Highlander Brooch Hook: Brooch style pin (You can see the pin peeking out under the wing and above the head) Tag: Silver flat tinsel and orange floss Tail: GP topping Butt: Black ostrich herl Body: Yellow and green floss Rib: Oval silver tinsel Throat: Yellow and green hackle Wing: Yellow, orange, green, and brown squirrel tail
  6. I think these are the names: 1. RexW 2. PJ2 3. Li'l Dave 4. Adam Saarinen 5. Agn54 6. Li'l Dave 7. Rich Mc 8. Philly 9. JMcKaughan 10. Stabgnid 11. JosephCSylvia 12. (below) jdl1983
  7. Very nice video. Thanks for making it and thanks for posting the link. Is "parchment" the same thing as wax paper?
  8. Thanks Johnny, very useful information.
  9. Johnny, thanks for the comments, but I've got a couple of questions for you. If you don't mind. (Hey, this thread has already gone off in several directions, so what's one more? After all, my original question has already been answered.) Do you tie in bundles of hair that are thick enough to need the magnum sized hair stacker? It sounds like some of you may be using much larger bundles of hair than I've ever attempted. The head (or nose) of the mouse fly looks like it is inset into the hair. How are you doing that? I don't think I've ever seen the head tied that deep into the hair before. With that much hair on the fly, how are you able hold it back enough to tie off the head? I can see how your black tool would push the hair back to make room for the head, but how do you keep the hair from springing back over the eye before the head is tied off? Thanks.
  10. "The Fly Shop" has 60 degree hooks down to size 6 in 25 pc packages in their house brand. Model TFS 5444 hooks.
  11. Happy Valentine's Day! Hook: Partridge Double Salmon size 2 Body: Silver Tinsel Tag and Rib: Holographic Red Tinsel Throat: Red Schlappen Wing: Red Squirrel Tail (First time Tying with a double hook, judging scale is different with these! Head, wing, and throat all came out longer than expected.)
  12. We're really just discussing hand tools here. Personally, I find it really enjoyable to work with high quality, well made hand tools. You can feel feel the difference between a well made tool and a less well made tool. As far as the quality of the product produced? That does depend on the individual that is using the tool more than who made the tool. Parts from a pen work fine for some people, but I've always gotten poor results using them. So, a pen is not the right tool for me. My tying improved when I switched to a Brassie. So, I agree, there is not really anything wrong with it. But going back to hand tools as an example, I get better results and enjoy using hand tools that have larger handles. They are just more comfortable to use. With a Brassie, I can only use 2 finger and thumb on it. It seems to me, that if I can use all 4 fingers, then the tool will be more comfortable to use and that I should be able to generate more compression since I would have better control of the tool. Anyway, there's my 2 cents on why I'm interested and wanted to hear the opinions of folks that have used it. If something else works for you, then by all means keep using it.
  13. Thanks for the comments everyone. I don't have a vendor nearby to look at one in person, so I appreciate the help. I was looking at the DVD and the combo pack is tempting. Moving from a pen to using a Brassie resulted in a step function improvement in my hair flies. So, something that is an improvement over a Brassie has my attention. Thanks for the comments.
  14. That's what I'm trying to avoid!!!!
  15. If you have experience with the Fugly Hair Packers, would you mind commenting on the different sizes? The regular size seems like overkill and I'm leaning toward the Jr, but I've never actually seen anyone use either size. So, is anyone willing to comment if there is an advantage of one size over the other?
  16. Here's a quick tie for the Bronco fans:
  17. Flies are done and on the drying wheel. I'll mail them later this week. Nothing fancy, just a standard flashtail Clouser on a 1/0 60 degree jig hook.
  18. Oops, I missed the Australia location. Would someone explain how we need to handle the return postage for shipment back to the US? I'm used to just having the post office put stamps on the return envelope when I mail the flies with a value equal the cost to send the flies, but I'm assuming that US postal stamps will not work for the shipment back from Australia??? So, how do we do an international swap from the US?
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