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  1. No problem man. Take your time. We can keep this going as others get interested.... Flats don't have to be the clear saltwater variery either... Backwater flats for reds or snook.... Muddy water flats for carp feeding in the floods.....
  2. Looks like it's just you and me @cphubert... I'm still keen if you are.
  3. It might not work, but I'm hoping we'll be able to learn a few new skills out of this. Anyway, thanks for playing
  4. Something a little different maybe.... It's a bit hit and miss with postage between here and other parts of the world at the moment... As evidenced by the recent gift sent from the States that spent 4 weeks in Chicago before spending another two or three in the ether.... So why not try a virtual swap? The theme is FLATS FLIES, and rather than tying a dozen flies, sending them to the swap master and having them delivered I ask this.... First, tie one fly, then... post your photo here with the recipe. Once full, the other members of the swap will then have 4 weeks to tie and post a version of everyone else's pattern, sticking as close as possible or practical (some of us might fish deeper flats... some might like to fish mid water etc, and some might not have access to some materials). Does it sound workable? I hope so... we'll start with 6 participants and if it works we can expand for the next one. 1. LI'lDave (fuzzled pseudo hair shrimp) 2. CPhubert (cinder worm) 3. 4. 5. 6. Here is my fly. 1/0 mustad C70SD 3/16 brass dumbell eyes Tan thread Epoxy eyes Marabou Sili legs Fuzzled pseudo hair with an arctic snow hotspot Finn Raccoon
  5. Flats flies are still on the menu here....
  6. Tonight was a lot of work for one finished crab....
  7. Thanks man. Really appreciate it... I believe they have origins in the Tarpon bunny....
  8. Thanks again everyone. I'm humbled by the love.
  9. Some really cool flies in this package. Apologies for my poor photography of last night!
  10. Ok. So you're not fully satisfied as yet... BUT. While I have been here in Perth (3500km south west of home) a little package from a Mr Szabo has arrived at home. Thank you all. I can't wait to see them!
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