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  1. Just want to Thank the numerous responses to the Post that I placed on the Hook Gauge! This an 'Awesome' Fly Tying site: You folks are just wonderful. Andy G afishon[email protected]
  2. I need your help. My problem is that I am attempting to find a Hook Chart that has the hook 'pictured' full size. Have bought out a supply of fly tying hooks that have no size on the boxes. And now need a 'chart' to be able to compare the hook to a 'picture' of the size. Can guess at this, yet would like to know of a certain what I am working with. Especially the smaller hooks. Have looked on the Internet, yet the charts that are there have the brand name and the comparable brands with their number, but only the numbers. Have Fly Tying books, yet the same problem, there are numbers only. Would you know of such a chart? Thank you for your help in this matter. AndyG
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