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  1. I cast crappie jigs with a fly rod... A little hard though sometimes. For proportions and what not I just tie it like a wooly bugger on a jig head just cause it's easy and I don't think the crappie care about how pretty it actually looks. I think if they can see it, and there's movement they'll strike it (for the most part).
  2. Sorry, I meant to send you a link http://www.highcountryoutdoors.net/temp/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl
  3. Some books that I can think of off the top of my head are Fly Fising the Southern Appalachians by Jimmy Jacobs, Fishing the Great Lakes of the South also by Jimmy Jacobs, Fly Fishing Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains by Don Kirk. You should take a look at the High Country Outdoors forum for more info on the southern fishing and what not.
  4. I signed up here a long time ago and just never really made posts, so I decided to start back up again. I recently went up to the Great Smoky Mountains for some mountain trout fishing. I didnt catch any fish, but had a great couple days on the river.
  5. Yeah, its a very nice city. You should wait to stay there until 2006 though. Right now there is alot of construction downtown. But when its over it will be even better. The aquarium is getting a new addition, the roads are getting fixed up, and there making the riverside alltogether better.
  6. This is for fish caught on the fly rod right? Here they are: White Bass, Yellow Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Redeye Bass, Rock Bass, Shadow Bass, Green Sunfish, Longear Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Pumpkin Seed, Bluegill, Warmouth, Black Crappie, White Crappie, Yellow Perch, Channel Catfish, Black Bullhead, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout (northern strain), Brook Trout (southern strain), Skipjack Herring, White Sucker, Creek Chub, River Chub, Black Nosed Dace, Warpaint Shiner, and the Silver Shiner. Thats all I can remember right now. I know that I have caught a lot of sunfish hybrids, but I don't know what the hybrids consisted of. I'm currently going after more fish to add to my life list, but thats it for now.
  7. I notice that there are several people from Tennessee here so I have a question to them. I've been doing quite a bit of carp fishing this summer but still haven't found areas with large numbers of carp. I was wondering if anyone new of some good areas to flyfish for carp around the Chattanooga area. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I think part of the reason I was having problems getting strikes was because it was a small, crystal clear, slow moving stream. I did forget about the red tag. I remember fishing for bass in New York and having some bass jump clear out of the water for a black wooly worm with a red tail.
  9. I went fishing today and caught many sunfish (redbreast and bluegill) and also lots of bass around. They were hanging close to the bottom and just poking around. I tried woolybuggers of diffrent colors and at diffrent depths, I tried poppers, and I tried a bunch of nymphs; only the popper drew some intrest to a select few. Any suggestions for a fly that would get these fish to strike?
  10. Well, I have enjoyed this site for quite a while, but mostly just read the posts and looked for flies to tie. I live near the southern appalachians and have access to many small trout streams. I enjoy flyfishing for anything that swims, and find it even more enjoyable when I catch a fish on a fly I tied myself.
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